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The ONLY way to STOP the GOP Elitist and WIN BACK OUR NATION


The ONLY way to STOP the GOP Elitist and WIN BACK OUR NATION

When we look back over the course of our lives, it is amazing how many times we can see history repeat itself in one fashion or another. I guess there is more truth to what Simba said than we care to admit. There truly is a ‘circle of life’ and we are all role players in it. I believe it was Einstein who said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

If Albert Einstein was accurate; then by definition the Republican Party is insane or we are insane for allowing the Republican Party to keep repeating the same old worn out tried and failed election models.

As our Declaration of Independence so eloquently states; ‘We hold these truths to be self evident’. In this case; these truths are ‘if you nominate a squishy moderate candidate, then we (the elephants/conservatives) lose another election as we have so many in the past’.

This brings up a great question. JUST HOW DO WE STOP THE GOP ESTABLISHMENT FROM CRAMMING DOWN OUR COLLECTIVE THROATS (which by the way the Bush team has put out reports claiming they are raising $100 million in the first quarter) ANOTHER SQUISHY MODERATE WHOM WILL NO DOUBT LOSE TO HILLARY OR  WHATEVER FENCE POST THE DEMOCRATS PUT UP? (I said fence post because most Democrats are stupid as a fence post)

The ONLY possible way to ‘stop Jeb Bush and the GOP Elitist’ is by doing a couple of things in our conservative sphere of influence. We must grab the reins and take control of the Republican Party! How do we accomplish this?

Conservative Leadership Conference 2015 (CLC-2015) to be held July 29-August 1, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa is how we do this.

Allow me to continue and this is a must read if ‘YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SAYING MADAM PRESIDENT’. For the truth is; we all know what is coming and we must stop it from happening if we want to save and restore our nation. You know and I know that America will not survive 4 more years of a Barack Obama and a Hillary Clinton agenda.

In a nutshell what is happening is this. CLC-2015 is inviting the leadership of ‘ALL’ the major and some minor conservative organizations to Des Moines, Iowa for a conference. At this conference will be the top 10 or 12 (or however many there are) Presidential Candidates who have formally announced. The candidates will be there to be vetted and make an attempt to win the favor of “our conservative leadership”. They will make their best pitch, then the voting will begin. Once the smoke clears and a candidate has been decided by a 2/3rd majority, this is what happens next.

CLC-2015 will put out an endorsement stating that “Candidate So-and-So” has been endorsed by the ‘Grassroots Leadership’ from across America. Several things happen at this point. By the time of this event, grassroots America will be fully aware (through advertising, talk shows, news releases etc.) of what is about to happen. It will be the leaderships responsibility to make this happen. Grassroots patriots from across the fruited plane will be asked to make continuing donations to “our nominees” campaign in the amount of a minimum of $10 a month. The next item is the grassroots patriots will be asked to donate 1 day a month (in their state) to the candidate. They will be asked to contact the local or national office of our candidate and volunteer in whatever position is most needed.

PATRIOTS; I have heard from tens of thousands of you over the past six (6) years wondering “what we can do to stop the establishment”? Your anger was clearly evident in the past election as millions of you sat out in protest. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO CHANGE THE TRAJECTORY OF THIS ELECTION! READ THE BATTLE PLAN!



This conference is going to cost upwards of $600,000.00 to produce. It will be televised on CSPAN and many major cable news programs as well. You the patriot will be able to watch it live streamed on many conservative websites also.

The event is being held at the Holiday Inn Convention Center (across from the airport) in Des Moines, Iowa. Please read the “BATTLE PLAN” at the website. It is hyperlinked above. Then donate whatever you can. If you are a major donor, email me and I will be happy to send you the business plan for this event.

Patriots; I have personally visited with many political experts ranging from operatives to campaign managers and even college political professors. They are ALL IN AGREEMENT that this event will work and is the only way to regain our election process and put it back in the hands of “WE THE PEOPLE“!

My fellow Patriots; I want to personally thank each and every one of you for so many years of devotion and hard work for our nation. You have truly been inspiring to watch. You have remained enthusiastic and you have remained loyal. All of the hard work is now paying off. We have a very real opportunity to strip Karl Rove and the rest of their strangle hold on the Republican Party and truly make a difference. Our candidate (with our help) can win the nomination (it is all in the Battle Plan) and go on to victory in the general election. I look forward to meeting many of you in July and I look forward to nominating our next President.

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Ken Crow is one of the original Tea Party and Grassroots activist in America. Ken has invested the past 8-9 years speaking at major rallies, publishing articles and organizing for conservative candidates campaigns. Ken was one of the original supporters of Donald J. Trump for President a full 4-months before his announcement as a candidate. America has some deep-seeded issues that are threatening our very liberty and freedom as a nation. Ken will continue on his mission of exposing the lies and fake news of the mainstream media and working diligently to "Make America Great Again." When not speaking, writing or campaigning, Ken can be found traveling, playing golf or enjoying a good game of Texas Hold-Em Poker with friends. Ken lives in Iowa where he enjoys BBQing, playing with his pets, and loving life with his family and extended family. You can order Ken's latest book "Ego in a Tea Bag" through Barnes and Noble or Amazon. com. Even the Washington Times said it is a great book.

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