There comes a point when even the most compassionate of ideologies can cross into raving insanity.

President Barack Obama and Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) have most certainly crossed the threshold of no longer just being screeching leftist ideologues. They now have crossed into the land of premeditated murder of innocent Americans.

The imminent release of a several year, $40M dollar “REPORT” (report on the CIA enhanced interrogation techniques during the gulf wars) by Senator Feinstein slated for later today will no doubt cause much grief for America and her allies. As of this writing (8:00AM Central Time on 12-9-2014) the United States Embassy’s globally have been put on alert. The United States Marine Corps has been put on a heightened state of alert as well. All of our military bases globally have been put on alert as have Americans travelling abroad. I only have one very simple question for the President and Senator; If this report was NOT going to damage relations with allies and was not going to put Americans in harm’s way, then why are we sending out warnings to everyone that they need to be on alert and shuttering Embassy’s?  

O.K., I lied, I do have a couple of more questions.

1. If this act of releasing this report (for late night reading by our friends at ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban and any other enemy of America) is causing our nation to be on alert, then obviously there is some very damning evidence in this report that makes America look very bad. If this is the case, then why are you releasing reports that makes America look bad and causes issues for our allies and threatens our relationships with other nations?

2. According to all the news reports; NO top CIA or government officials were ever interviewed for this investigation and report. According to all the news reports, all of these techniques were in fact “legal” at the time they were being used to garner information from the terrorist that had been captured on the battle field. According to Leon Panetta in his new book (‘Worthy Fights’), America did in fact garner a vast amount of information through ‘enhanced interrogation methods’ that did save countless lives and assist America in our ‘War on Terror’. If this be the case, why did you not interview Mr. Panetta for this investigation and report?

3. Lastly; What is the real reason you’re now releasing this report? When even Secretary of State John Kerry has stated publically “this is a bad idea and we should not release the report at this time”, yet you’re still following through with releasing it, why? Even when most of the Generals, Secretaries (both past and present) of State, Defense etc., Intelligence officials and military officers are begging you to not release this, yet you still are, why?

Frankly; I do not ever expect an answer to any of the above. NONE OF YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO FACE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WITH THE ANSWERS!

The reality is this; you’re doing this to give yourselves a lofty status in your delusional world of ideological supremacy. The reputation of America is irrelevant in your world. The safety of Americas allies is irrelevant. The safety of Americans abroad (both employees of the government, employees of corporations and tourist) are irrelevant in your world. Because of your arrogance and egomaniacal mental states, you believe you know what is best for the world.

To further this reality check; ISIS and many other terror groups continuously seek reasons to inflame passions of their followers to commit atrocities against America and her interest or friends globally. Our enemy not only seeks to kill individuals, they seek to humiliate, torture and cause mass blood shed of Americans and her allies.

It is beyond my and most rational and sane Americans comprehension as to why this administration and the leading Democrats on Capitol Hill would be willing to release information that could damage relationships, damage property and moreover cause harm and death to American citizens who are abroad. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone in the positions that you sit in this nation, would be so callously willing to defame and risk not just the defamation of Americans but their very lives. This to me is beyond incomprehensible.

It is my belief that if this report is released; America should at this time, rise up and demand “not just the resignation” but the prosecution of both Senator Dianne Feinstein and President Barack Obama. Both of these individuals should be not only impeached but should in fact be prosecuted for treason and crimes against the state.

Knowing the mind-set of these crazed individuals and groups globally; both of these individuals know full well what the fall-out will be against America and her interest. While knowing the ramifications, these individuals still seek to enable Americas enemies to further their quest in harming America. This is no less than tantamount to treason against our nation.

I hereby call on all Americans to contact your Representative both in the House and the Senate and demand that justice be brought to both of these individuals as well as anyone else involved with the release of this CIA Report. Let these Representatives know full well who they answer too and why they should do this. We will not take NO for an answer!

Blood will be on the hands of not just the President and Senator Feinstein but the entire Democrat Party for supporting this action.

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