My Grandfather once told me; “son-if you want to get out of trouble, stop digging the hole you’re standing in“.

Someone needs to explain this very basic but very wise advice to President Obama. If ever there was a classic example of ICING A CAKE, Ferguson, Missouri would be that icing for Barack Obama.

What should have been a perfect moment in time for the President to squash all the vicious attacks about his being a racist, what should have been a healing and a come together moment has instead become one tragedy after another.

Today; as a direct result of Barack Obama’s inability to be a leader of a nation and his unbridled racism toward the Caucasian race, we not only have 1 tragedy in Ferguson, but we have many tragedies emanating from this man-made disaster of incompetence.

Former New York Prosecutor (13 years) and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani explained on Fox News (Monday) that due to the flimsy evidence (overwhelmingly flimsy were his words), there was no way an indictment was coming down from the Grand Jury against Officer Darren Wilson. Giuliani went on to add that as a Prosecutor, that case should have never been sent up to the Grand Jury in the first place.

Barack Obama’s first mistake (one would have thought he would have learned from his debacle early in his administration with his old college buddy when he was made to look like a fool over an arrest. Then of course we had the huge debacle with Trayvon Martin where again Obama inserted the Office of the Presidency into a local event and again Obama looked foolish for jumping the gun on that one as well) was ever commenting on the Mike Brown and Darren Wilson case.  

NPR writer Karen Grigsby Bates recently wrote this in her column for Code Switch on an NPR website; Many black political thinkers say President Obama himself needs help connecting on this issue and that his Monday remarks on Ferguson fell flat. They say this is the moment that he needs to be “the black president,” not just a president who happens to be black.

The ultra-liberal reporter Ben Casselman (formerly with the Wall Street Journal) wrote the other day an entire diatribe about how many cop shootings of blacks have actually gone to trial, been indicted or the cases have just been thrown in the waste basket. Casselman claims that it is “incredibly rare” for a Grand Jury to do what the St. Louis County Grand Jury did by coming back with its ruling of “No Charges”. His entire column is dedicated to showing just how racist America is toward blacks and protective we are against the evil law enforcement of our nation.

The part of his story that left me hanging was where he claims that in 2010 162,000 cases were charged to a Grand Jury (across America) and only 11 came back with no charges. I don’t know if that is a misprint or not. But 162,000? How many Grand Jury’s do we have in this nation? We would have to have had every Grand Jury working 24/7 for an entire year and even then I don’t believe you could have even begun to approach those sorts of numbers.

Casselman’s claim is basically that the Grand Jury was racist in this case and that is why they turned Officer Wilson lose with “No Charges”. I VEHEMENTLY DISAGREE WITH HIS ASSESSMENT!  

Former Speaker of the House, Texas Congressman Tom DeLay is famous for saying that he could have gotten a ham sandwich indicted. This was in response to his case where various groups tried in vain to have him indicted in front of Grand Jury’s. This is the same as Ferguson. IF IT IS SO EASY TO OBTAIN INDICTMENTS, WHY WERE THERE NO INDICTMENTS HANDED DOWN? In lieu of racism, why not try this approach? THERE WASN’T ENOUGH DAMNED EVIDENCE TO INDICT! Why do we always have to assume racism? Glad you asked, I will tell you.

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA AND ERIC HOLDER is why we have to assume racism.

If you will remember; just after the shooting, the President made comments about Ferguson. What we need to understand is by the very fact the President addresses this situation, the people of Ferguson are hearing ” I am Black, I will demand a certain outcome”! Never mind the evidence, my office will ensure that this Officer is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. To show you that I mean business, I am sending my very Black Attorney General, he will get it done. THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE HEARD! What he actually said (which was fairly close by the way) was irrelevant, this is what America heard.

I have to pause for just a moment and ask this very stupid (tongue in cheek) question. “In all of this, did anyone from the White House think to call the Prosecutor and ask about the evidence”? Prior to the President going on national television and making himself look like a racist idiot, did Eric Holder or Valerie Jarrett think to call this prosecutor and simply inquire “Hey Mr. DA, what sort of evidence is there?” Does it look like you have a case? Was the Officer (on the surface) possibly within his rights to self defend? Who was this Mike Brown guy? Does it appear he might look guilty of assault? Was he running, was he stoned or high or drunk or drugged? I have to say America; it does appear that somebody dropped the ball on this one. If I were Obama’s Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor, there is no way on God’s green earth I would have allowed that man to put himself in the position he is now in. I would have personally made those phone calls to Ferguson.  

Then again, maybe they did make those calls. Maybe they made them and didn’t like the result, so they decided to apply the pressure of the White House and Attorney Generals Office to this case to obtain their desired results. Only days later, you remember the Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon went on television and all but guaranteed “JUSTICE FOR MIKE BROWN”! What do you expect the people of Ferguson to think? “HEY WE HAVE THE PRESIDENT PROMISING JUSTICE, THE A.G. PROMISING JUSTICE, THE GOVERNOR PROMISING JUSTICE, not to mention all the PIMPS and even Hollywood has shown up to give us justice. WE WILL GET JUSTICE!

Then when “TRUE JUSTICE IS SERVED“, the people are disappointed, angry, frustrated and vengeful. Is it any wonder that Ferguson burned?

Today; Mike Brown is dead, Deandre Joshua, 20 murdered, Zemir Begic a Bosnian from Waterloo, Iowa  murdered while parked at a traffic light in St. Louis (because of Ferguson) and then of course we have Officer Darren Wilson. His life is in shambles and his career is over because of this President and his disdain for Caucasians. This doesn’t include the dozens of businesses destroyed, scores of cars burned out, millions in property damaged or looted. Mr. Begic (above) was even cruelly beaten to death with hammers by the enraged youth. Of course he got zero press coverage because he is white and the murderers were black youth.

In the end; the White House looks once again like amateurish fools jumping to conclusions. They are caught supporting a drugged up street thug who had just strong-arm robbed a store. The thug attacks a police officer and all the “actual evidence” shows is, Officer Wilson defended himself from a guy trying to steal his gun and kill him. In the end, we have ruined lives, ruined reputations  and a huge black eye given to the African-American community across America.




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