Last June, Scott Renfroe, a Colorado state senator running in a crowded GOP congressional primary, was hit with a slashing attack ad that accused him of supporting “taxpayer-funded bailouts” for a failed local bank.

“Not conservative,” declared the ad run by a Denver-based nonprofit called Citizens for a Sound Government. The spot hit two weeks before the primary, which Renfroe lost by 20 points. FULL WASHINGTON POST STORY at MSN

Here is my major problem with the recent Supreme Court decision known as McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission case. (for a full explanation of the ruling; USA Today did a great story on this) 

Be it George Soros, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson or Smith’s Tire Service of Crawford, Texas (just made that last one up) anyone with a pile of cash can now jump into 1 race or 100 races and there is practically no-way to control what they do or say.

Let us assume for a moment that George Soros hates a particular candidate running for the U. S. Senate in Nebraska. He want’s to install “his Liberal” in this seat. All he now has to do; is “form a corporation”, dump $29,000,000 into this corporation and have the them start running advertisements state-wide across the great plains. It will not matter that they are bold-faced lies. It doesn’t matter that the conservative (of Soros’ object of his disdain) is a great father, good businessman and a Christian who donates time and money to a local orphanage. When Soros is through with him, he is an absentee father who has never paid child-support, went bankrupt 4 times and he molest children at the Church. AND THERE IS NOTHING ANYONE CAN DO OR SAY ABOUT THESE ADVERTISEMENTS! 

Personally speaking; the Supreme Court ruling back in 2010 involving Citizens United which made it legal for Unions to donate to elections, I was semi o.k. with. Simply because at the end of the advertisement, it would say “brought to you by the AFLCIO” or whomever. The AFLCIO of course did not want to look like a group of idiots, so the advertisement would be somewhat factual and more than likely labor friendly. That I don’t have a problem with.

When you combine the Citizens United ruling with this McCutcheon ruling, we now have a “Katy bar the door” situation. These billionaires can basically come up with a “nice sounding” name such as “WE LOVE DUCKS” stick an INC.” on the backside of it and woe be unto whomever is the opponent of their candidate.

My prediction is that in the upcoming Presidential primary season, which will be beginning very shortly, this is going to get nasty. VERY, VERY NASTY! We will see advertising telling us that Hillary was a prostitute at Brown University and this is how she met Bill and that Scott Walker beats his dog when he is bored in Wisconsin. You name it and we will see it. They will all be the courtesy of “WE LOVE DUCKS INC.”.

Is this really what we want? Do we really want “fake corporations” having the ability to infuse hundreds of millions into elections with the ability to lie, cheat and steal. To me this is nothing short of election fraud on the first order.

I do not believe for a minute that the Supreme Court had this in mind when it made its ruling on these cases. I do not think for a moment that they honestly believed, these billionaires would go out, form a paper company, dump gazillions of dollars into it, just to swing elections. But that is exactly what they are doing. For that, are we the people truly getting honest and fair elections?

The hideous side to all this is; now the one being elected is TRULY OWNED by the guy that who told us that (the newly elected fellows opponent) the other guy (who was actually decent) was that dog beating, philandering, prostitute purchasing is a schmuck.

Because you; (Johnny patriot who donates $50) now has virtually no voice with that candidate-now elected official. He doesn’t owe you anything anymore. His sole function in life is making Mr. and Mr. Koch or Mr. Soros happy. That is all he has to do and he now has a fully funded campaign for as long as he wishes to stay in office.

I am a full believer in capitalism America. I love it and I support it. But when you have rulings that take “WE THE PEOPLE” out of the mix (which these two rulings have), I think you and we are setting ourselves up for some dark days ahead.

Just my thoughts America! What are yours? Leave them in the Comment Box below.

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