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As OBAMA drafts AMNESTY; McConnell and Boehner remain SILENT, WHY?

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As OBAMA drafts AMNESTY; McConnell and Boehner remain SILENT, WHY?

Be they the RIGHT decisions or be they the WRONG decisions; one thing can be said for Barack Obama, “He has kept most if not all of his promises”!

Obama has kept his promise to fundamentally change America. He kept his promise to gut the evil coal industry, ramp up those beautiful windmills we all enjoy viewing and he kept his promise to bring our troops home from Iraq. Never mind that by bringing home Americas presence, it has allowed for ISIS to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent people.

With these promises kept and so many more, what gave Senator Mitch McConnell R-Ky. and Speaker John Boehner R-Oh. the idea that he would NOT KEEP HIS PROMISE TO GRANT AMNESTY TO MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS?  

At this point, the ramifications of signing blanket amnesty doesn’t matter. We all know it will happen whether we fuss or not. We all know (at least the conservatives do) what this will mean for our nation. We are all fully aware that criminals (yes; they all are, but I am referring to rapist, robbers etc.) will be turned free to abuse Americans. We are fully aware of the cost increases to our social safety net systems and we are fully aware of the millions of entry-level jobs that will be taken away permanently from our youth and uneducated that depend on these jobs. On top of the jobs being taken, he is now going to also implement a huge increase in the minimum wage to over $10.00 an hour.

Speaker Boehner has to know that by his silence on this topic, he is publicly granting his blessing to Obama’s actions. The same holds true for McConnell. Neither of these men are telegraphing their displeasure of the Presidents actions regarding amnesty. Yes, the President can issue his Executive Order and there is virtually nothing these two leaders can do to stop it. But the very important thing both could do is show solidarity amongst all Republicans and the Tea Party. It is widely known that the GOP and the Tea Party split on a few large topics and this is one of them.

This is a golden opportunity for the GOP hierarchy to take a stand for true conservatism and that action would be an olive branch to the conservative factions on the right.  So far all we are getting from the Speaker’s office is crickets. Why? What does Boehner expect the right to think? The only obvious answer is that we think “the GOP establishment wants this amnesty”. By Obama implementing this action, it takes the heat off the Republican Party and both obtain their ultimate goal.


1. Boehner has known from day one that Obama would ultimately issue an Executive Order if Congress did not come up with something that would be suitable for both sides. He had SB744 sitting on his desk for a year and a half. This is the bill that the Gang of 8 came up with that the Senate approved.

2. Boehner has known how the conservative wing (Tea Party) felt about SB744 as there were several marches and rallies on Capitol Hill that fully displayed the negative reactions. So why has Boehner not taken the bill up and tailored it to something that would appease both sides?

My conspiracy theory is this.

Someone in the GOP hierarchy has decided that Jeb Bush should be the nominee. He has been silent (even denying his intentions) up until just several months ago where he began making appearances again. It is my belief that in a bunker under a dairy somewhere in Maryland, Jeb has been meeting with the GOP elite. It was decided that JEB could once again give the White House back to the elephants. BUT!

Jeb is married to a Latino lady. Nothing wrong with that except she is partial to Latinos. Jeb’s son is half Latino. Thusly Jeb is sympathetic to Latinos. The Republican Party feels as though they are doomed without Jeb.

FOLLOW ME NOW! (borrowing Ross Perot’s lexicon here)

Jeb tells the establishment to stay silent on Immigration Reform as Obama will take care of it for them. Jeb wants amnesty and everyone knows this. HOWEVER; he doesn’t want to be the bad guy nor does the GOP (because of the Tea Party and all conservatives) and they know full well if they acquiesce in any fashion, it dooms them again with the 2016 elections. Immigration and Amnesty is not something that the Tea Party can overlook, it is a thermonuclear warhead and the Elite knows this. This way, the GOP can BLAME OBAMA for pulling an end run and they can fain innocence and scream “We couldn’t stop the tyrant”!

My question becomes (and I believe I am 100% accurate on my assessment of the GOP strategy), what makes the GOP think for a minute that granting amnesty to some 20 million illegal aliens is going to be beneficial for the Republican Party?


With this horrible messaging; just what makes the GOP think for a moment that they can win the favor of Julia, Pablo and Juan?

We all agree that this is going to be suicide. It is going to further drive more wedges between the Republican Party and those 25 million Tea Party voters. Jeb is down in the polling by double digits to Hillary Clinton in every poll if the two were to run head to head today.

Mr. Speaker; This strategy is not going to work. It is suicidal for the Republican Party and we will most assuredly lose. My recommendation is that you start screaming from the heavens about how bad this amnesty idea is for the president to push. You need to scream it loud and clear that you do not nor does the party support this. You need to inform whomever that Jeb Bush is an even worse idea. If you’re talking Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Rick Perry or any number of others, possibly, but not Jeb. You will not win the White House by submitting to the moderate Democrats, the liberal Republicans and the like. Our party needs to put up a strong conservative (not a far right freak show, but a strong conservative) team them with Susana Martinez R-NM and that takes care of the women, the Hispanic voter and further pushes liberty, free markets, American exceptionalism and we win.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please use the comment box below!

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Ken Crow is one of the original Tea Party and Grassroots activist in America. Ken has invested the past 8-9 years speaking at major rallies, publishing articles and organizing for conservative candidates campaigns. Ken was one of the original supporters of Donald J. Trump for President a full 4-months before his announcement as a candidate. America has some deep-seeded issues that are threatening our very liberty and freedom as a nation. Ken will continue on his mission of exposing the lies and fake news of the mainstream media and working diligently to "Make America Great Again." When not speaking, writing or campaigning, Ken can be found traveling, playing golf or enjoying a good game of Texas Hold-Em Poker with friends. Ken lives in Iowa where he enjoys BBQing, playing with his pets, and loving life with his family and extended family. You can order Ken's latest book "Ego in a Tea Bag" through Barnes and Noble or Amazon. com. Even the Washington Times said it is a great book.

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