The Tar Heel State is already neck deep in voting controversy and November 4th has yet to arrive. It appears that the OBAMA ELECTION MACHINE has kicked into high gear to protect the sycophant Kay Hagan’s Senate seat. The Patriot’s worst nightmare of “ILLEGAL ALIENS” voting to swing elections is now front and center in North Carolina.  

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that the voter rolls kept by the State Board of Elections contain 145 names that belong to a certain category of ineligible voter – immigrants in the U.S. under a federal program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, according to elections officials. READ FULL STORY FROM FOX NEWS HERE~

According to Fox News (Piedmont, N. C.); apparently there are some 10,000 names on the voter rolls in North Carolina that are NOT legal to vote.

NORTH CAROLINA PATRIOT’S; Call your local Republican offices! Get out and VOLUNTEER to be “POLL WATCHERS”. We need as many watchers at the polling stations as we can get. We need to be sure that those that vote are in fact legal to vote. We need to make sure that NO VOTER INTIMIDATION transpires at any North Carolina voting stations. This election according to Real Clear politics in North Carolina is actually TIED. With that said, 10,000 votes is huge for this election. GET OUT, VOLUNTEER THIS WEEKEND TO DOOR KNOCK, SMILE AND WIN OVER VOTERS FOR THE GOOD GUYS, THEN PROTECT THIS ELECTION BY VOLUNTEERING TO BE A POLL WATCHER! Let’s “git r dun Tar Heel Patriot’s”.   


The Corn Belt Throw Down between the 5 foot nothing Colonel and the Liberal Liar Bruce Braley is now looking pretty good FOR THE GOOD GUYS (or in this case “Good Girl”). State Senator Joni Ernst (the Colonel) has just released the sequel to her “Award Winning Squeal Pig commercial that launched her to national political status. Joni has been on a 99 county tour of Iowa preaching the good word of prudence in government spending, stronger military and social conservative values. I do have to take my hat off to Ernst. She has run a clean campaign and totally above board. Braley on the other hand has run a very dirty campaign with personal attacks, lies and totally gutless. This lack luster lying punk has even refused to be interviewed by Simon Conway on his afternoon drive-time show on WHO radio. It seems the only thing he can do is to run lies about Joni on television. So very typical of Liberal Democrats. In closing on this topic, the good news is that Crows Nest brought you the story the other day that the Polk Country Democrats are 50,000 absentee ballots short this year from previous years. O HAPPY DAYS! enjoy the commercial, its cute

Below is the most recent polling updates from REAL CLEAR POLITICS. As you can see we are just about as close as it gets for re-taking the Senate. PATRIOT’S; we need these wins to begin the process of undoing the damage that Barack Obama has done to our nation. No, it won’t get done in the next two years, but it is the process to begin the restoration of our nation. With a win in 2016 for the White House, plus claiming another couple of seats, we can now apply pressure to the GOP and truly make a difference. BUT IT ALL IS PREDICATED ON HOW HARD WE WORK!



Fox News has been running the clips from CNN this morning on the flagrant abuse of the Palin family. As the story goes, a couple of weeks ago the Palin younger generation attended some sort of party in Alaska. Apparently some goon decided to rough up Willow and as siblings will do, Bristol decided she needed to jump to the defense of her sister. The drunk goon then decided he needed to be macho and decided to shove and rough up Bristol. Now it seems the main-stream libtard’s have decided that it is o.k. for a liberal goon to man-handle a woman, as long as that woman is a Palin conservative. Bristol finally came out yesterday and told the complete story on her blog. It is a good read. Side-Note; Bristol, tell whoever edits to do a bit better job, you have a couple of typo’s. Of course then again, I ALWAYS HAVE A FEW TYPO’S..:-)


Got the green-light from the Bones the other day. My arteries are clean, my heart looks good, my blood sugar is on the mark as is the old blood pressure (I do take med’s for this). One interesting tidbit here is that my cholesterol is high. I am on med’s for this (yes I do eat fairly healthy) but it seems that in my family tree, we make our own cholesterol. Hopefully this won’t end up being a problem as my mother is in her mid-70’s and my father was healthy into his 80’s until he finally passed away last year.

The back is horribly bad, so I have begun seeing a Physical Therapist whom is punishing me quite adeptly. I had no idea that going to get someone to help you feel better would be so darned painful. The only nice part of seeing this sadistic son of a gun is that he hooks me up to a tense unit and let’s me relax for a bit. Otherwise; I HATE THIS SOB! Got to say that I did skip across the street afterward and I did feel better. If he can help me avoid the knife and back surgery, I might decide I like him, but so far, he is still an SOB!

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