Two weeks ago the White House would have you believe that America had launched nothing short of another “Operation Overlord” (D-Day) on the terror group ISIS. As the truth begins emerging, we are now finding out that our “degrade and destroy” (Obama’s words) is causing virtually no damage to ISIS. As a matter of fact; ISIS is now within 2 miles of moving into Baghdad, Iraq.

As of this posting; ISIS is now in control of oil refineries in Syria and Iraq. They control a huge percentage of the food supply in Iraq as well as dams (water) and an area larger than many nations. In other words, ISIS IS GROWING, along with Al Qaeda and other terror groups. How has this happened? How have a bunch of radical extremist managed to garner immense wealth, heavy artillery and turned themselves from a bunch of rag-tag camel Barack Obamajockeys into a formidable fighting force?

Whether you like former Vice President Dick Cheney or hate him; he is widely regarded as a “Foreign Policy and Intel” wonk. In other words; “the man knows what he is talking about”. In an article and interview with the Huff Post over two years ago, Cheney then was warning America that Obama only attended 43% of his security briefings. In an article posted just two day ago, a review by Government Accountability Institute said that Obama has only attended 41% of his security briefings in his second term.


Barack Obama was warned over a year ago about what was about to happen with ISIS.

America; it is about time we have a very serious conversation about the competency of this President to continue his duties as President of the United States.

Let’s forget about his eligibility to be President. Forget about all of the Executive Orders. Forget about the scandals (numbering into the dozens), forget about the bad economic policies and the expansions of the IRS, NSA and all of the other snooping and violations of our constitutional rights. Forget all of the above and let’s just discuss his basic fundamental duty as Commander and Chief of America. Is he performing at any level that would display a modicum of professionalism as President when it comes to America’s national security as a nation?

These are the facts America!

1. President Barack Obama knew of the terror group ISIS in Syria well over a year ago.

2. President Barack Obama knew the group was growing in strength as was Al Qaeda in Northern Africa and many Middle East countries.

3. President Barack Obama knew full well (over a year ago) that no Army in Iraq, Syria or most other countries was prepared to deal with these savages.

4. President Barack Obama arms and funds the groups that supply these terror groups.

5. President Barack Obama then telegraphs Americas intentions long after action should have already begun to deter and stop the groups growth and the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

6. Against the advice from numerous military experts, intelligence experts, Generals, Ambassadors and foreign leaders, Obama procrastinates his intervention, then only does very basic minimal actions in a very weak show of force.

ALL OF THE ABOVE WHILE the PRESIDENT CONTINUES TO ALLOW IRAN to complete it’s nuclear enrichment program! On top of delaying with Iran, the President now provides billions in foreign aide for this rogue nation that seeks to destroy Israel and America. Why?

By any definition one seeks to apply to this; Barack H. Obama is aiding the enemy (terrorist who seek to destroy America, Israel and anyone that disagrees with them) in a multitude of ways. He is allowing them time to prepare, he is telling them exactly what our plans are and he is providing them with money, weapons and weak responses from America. Why?

It is my belief that it is now time to begin holding hearings on this Presidents activity as Commander and Chief. He is very obviously not displaying any sort of patriotism or allegiance to the United States of America or our Allies in the Middle East or Africa. It is my assertion that Barack Obama is now guilty of TREASON against America and it is long past time that the United States Congress begin dealing with this.

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