If you’re wanting to run for the White House (if you’re a smart candidate), one of the first prerequisites is garnering your “foreign policy” credentials. This is one of the big reasons that so many “potential” candidates begin making exploratory trips to Israel and other key nations about 2 years out.

Back on August the 8th, I wrote an article about Hillary Clinton’s “potential” candidacy as a mere distraction. I made the allegations that Congressman Trey Gowdy would have the oven so hot over Benghazi, there is no way she could mount any type of momentum to mount a campaign for the White House.

Well, well, well, what do you know? This afternoon while I was out campaigning for my local State Senator (performing door knocking duties), I get a “NEWS ALERT” from the New York Times on my I-Phone. The hot off the presses alert was Governor Andrew Cuomo (New York Governor) himself making a surprise visit to Afghanistan of all places. CHA-CHING was all I could say.

My hypothesis for Cuomo’s candidacy is not that complicated. He has spent the last 4 years building or rather rebuilding New York State’s economy. He has actually used Republican economic growth blue-prints to do this. Remember all of the television advertising recently? In these advertisements Cuomo is on-screen smiling and advertising “NO CORPORATE TAXES” in certain areas of the state.

My second reason Cuomo is the likely nominee is that he has a built-in machine because of his family and their political power. Fund-raising for Cuomo will not be a problem as well as name ID in Democrat circles. The New York governor does have a little scandal brewing however. But his scandal pails in comparison to Hillary’s Benghazi debacle.

Andrew Cuomo does not have the name toxicity that Hillary has. He is much more charismatic and delivers a fire-breathing speech.

Now that he has visited Afghanistan as part of a Defense Department delegation in order to receive national security briefings, he can walk away with the “special” visits that he can add to his resume. Of course my question was “how and why” did the Defense Department send a group of Governors to Afghanistan? Strange, but I guess time will shed some light on this.

Lastly; Cuomo is much younger than Hillary. He is hungry to move up the political ladder and she has pretty much done it all. The former Secretary of State is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. She is the former First Lady, a retired former United States Senator and has a huge scandal brewing on Capitol Hill. She is also a brand new grandmother. I just don’t see her putting herself and her family through another mud-slinging and grueling campaign. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

I say; ALL EYES ON NEW YORK! Oh, before I forget, yes Cuomo visited Israel during the Hamas rocket attacks a few months back.

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