I wonder if America will next time look at the candidates resume rather than the color of their skin in deciding

Image of ISIS soldiers

Obama needs to listen to his General to defeat these guys!

how to cast their vote?

Never in our history as the United States of America have we seen such a display of arrogance and stupidity as this administration is putting on for all the world to witness. The unfortunate cost of this unhinged amateurish leadership is hundreds of thousands of lives, trillions of dollars and destroyed trust not to mention the destroyed relationships with other nations.

President Barack Obama is once again LYING to the American people and the world with his bold and brash promises to squash ISIS when in fact he doesn’t possess the heart, willingness or leadership to do what is necessary.

We watch General after General, former Defense Secretaries, Secretaries of State, Ambassador’s and high level consultants come on television. They all tell us exactly what is needed to accomplish this task of saving lives and preventing disaster for America, yet this President does the exact opposite of what these extremely knowledgeable individuals say. The President’s own Generals including his own appointed Joint Chiefs of Staff General Raymond T. Odierno has even given his advice and yet this President is not utilizing it.

America; what we have happening here is this. Our President, who was only a 2 year Senator (who usually voted present on legislation) is attempting to lead a war against the deadliest terrorist organization in the history of the world without any guidance from people who have spent their lives protecting and serving America. Barack Obama has actually gone out and told the world what we are going to do and NOT DO-WITHOUT having consulted with one General on “how to win a war”.

Former President Harry Truman was widely criticized for firing General Douglas MacArthur. History tells us that MacArthur wanted to use limited nuclear weapons on North Korea to soundly defeat them. At the time China was assisting North Korea in the war effort against the South and America. MacArthur knew what was happening and what would happen. In retrospect, it might not have been such a dumb idea. South Korea would have won the war, America would not have had its first defeat (negotiated truce) and we would not have a North Korea today with a crazed pornography addicted alcoholic with his finger on the button of warheads.

Just as happened in North Korea, we will have to once again suffer through another loss for our nation. We have learned that a community organizer from South Chicago is incapable of waging a war and winning a war. He is resting on his laurels with having killed a few Al Qaeda leaders with drones and a Seal Team (which had been worked on long before he was even elected) as giving him the credentials to wage a war against a very major army.


ISIS now controls more territory than is the size of the nation of Jordan. They have an army numbering into the tens of thousands of vicious killers. They have many of OUR WEAPONS to include rocket launchers, tanks, anti-aircraft hardware and much more. They are sitting on (newest estimates) billions in wealth and a recruiting program that rivals anyone for their military. They have streams of cash poring in daily from seized oil fields and the ability to scatter at a moments notice to avoid attacks.

This is Obama’s plan for destroying ISIS~

America will provide air cover. America will once again arm and fund “freedom fighters”. This time it is the freedom fighters from Syria. These are the same guys that Obama insulted last year and walked away from when he drew his red line in the sand. That’s it! That’s the plan folks. We are going to arm 5,000 freedom fighters who are terrified of ISIS to go fight an army numbering in the tens of thousands with tanks and hardware that was our hardware.

Barack Obama has had Generals with enough stars to fill a shoe box tell him this plan will not work. He has had Ambassadors, Secretaries, consultants and many more tell him this will not work. Just as Truman over-road his advisors (we see the results) this JV President is about to once again fund and train another potential terror organization to fight a battle that we could be done with in 90 days according to many Generals. NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND IS A GUARANTEED RECIPE FOR DISASTER, not to mention the death toll to Iraqi and Syrian civilians.

Again; I ask the question, “America will you vote for the resume next time instead of the color of their skin or sex”? I hope you do.

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