In my lifetime, there has never been a more despised politician than Nevada Senator Harry Reid. In my lifetime,

Image of Joni Ernst

Iowa Senate Candidate Joni Ernst

I have never seen nor heard of a more controversial President that was so universally disliked than Barack Obama. Congress has an approval rating hovering near SINGLE DIGITS and the Republicans are floundering and about to lose the biggest opportunity they have had in 40 years? SAY IT AIN’T SO JOE!

With this much dislike for “status quo” in our nation and in my humble brain; it seems to me the Republicans should be sweeping anything and everything from dog catcher to the United States Senate seats nationwide. So why are they about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Kevin Hall (my favorite GINGER political pundit from the Iowa Republican) summed it up in this recent article on Republican apathy. While Kevin seems to have hit a nerve (as evidenced by the number of comments on the article) at least in Iowa, I think it goes much broader than what he suggest. Yes; the Republicans have gone into this election cycle thinking they had it won. BIG MISTAKE! Whether you’re playing a football game or fighting a war, it is suicide to believe “you have it in the bag”. You ALWAYS play as though you’re behind. A good coach will pump his team up prior to the game and instruct the players to NEVER assume and always go out and fight like it’s your last game.

EXAMPLE of throwing away a SENATE SEAT! Craig Robinson (The CHIEF Political Guru at the Iowa Republican who is not GINGER-the ginger references are inside Iowa humor started by Mr. Kevin Hall because he is a red-head) wrote a very interesting piece a few days ago about where Joni Ernst is losing it in Iowa. Craig did a very nice job of breaking out all the numbers and dissecting the race.

Craig also did a very nice job of defining the race and where it is currently headed; except like most Republicans at the present, I think he was too nice and did not get down in the mud with this race. The reason I am heading toward the pit is because THAT IS WHAT I DO! The other reason I am on this race like stink on pig poop is, this is a SENATE SEAT and there is NO REASON ON PLANET EARTH WHY OUR SIDE SHOULD LOSE THIS RACE plus I live in Iowa.

Here is the reason Joni Ernst has lost 11% in the polling since June. This to me is inexcusable and if I were Joni, I would be having prayer meetings with my campaign manager. I have been told that her campaign managers are out of Washington, D.C. and I can tell you personally that THEY WILL LOSE IN IOWA AND HERE IS WHY!

Washington, D.C. inside the beltway anything, doesn’t understand the power of the Tea Party in Iowa. They do not understand that much of the Tea Party movement we have in America today, actually began a good portion of it in Iowa. They don’t get that while the groups in Iowa might be largely quite, they are there and they are closely connected. The Ron Paul factions in Iowa are extremely vocal, out in front and are part of the larger conservative movement in Iowa.

Joni Ernst problems are that she is listening to these D.C. beltway snobs and not listening to the base! The base in Iowa is huge and so far she is ignoring them. Personally, I have tried to contact her staff and they just poofoo me as some right-wing loon. Joni is trying desperately to ride that fence that “doesn’t make anyone mad” that so many D.C. insiders have their candidates ride. Take Romney for example. Had Romney come out and given “fire-breathing” conservative messages, waved the flag, grilled Obama on Benghazi and been a true patriot, he would be President Romney. The same holds true with Joni. She needs to tie Obama around Bruce Braley’s (the Democrat nominee and sitting Congressman) neck like an anchor. Braley voted with Obama on everything and then some. Obama has abysmal numbers, he is disliked by nearly everyone in the Midwest and yet she refuses to hang Braley with Obama. Why?

Bruce Braley is a very partisan gun control advocate and Iowa is an open carry state with a huge 2nd Amendment coalition. Why is she not attacking him on guns? Iowa has a huge Tea Party faction, why is she not waving the flag and painting Braley as a “red wearing commie” in which he has been voted as the “MOST LIBERAL CONGRESSMAN” IN 2013. I have yet to see one ad with that illustrious title in it. Braley believes in government-funded abortions, where is Joni on this? Braley believes in much higher taxes and is a socialist in many, many areas. Nothing from the Ernst camp on any of this. Braley has Obama-Care around his neck, he has higher taxes, job killing Dodd/Frank legislation, gun rights, abortion on demand and so much she can be nailing him with and yet she refuses to get in the mud. PS; It is not in the mud if you’re telling the truth and pointing out voting records.

One last thought on all of the failed campaigning. In the last 90 days, thousands of television ads have been run by the Democrat Party on Braley’s behalf. Many of them have tied Joni Ernst to the Koch Brothers and getting help from BIG OIL MONEY! Why doesn’t she address this? As for me, I would be spinning it and saying, “you bet, I love the Koch Brothers”, they have created so many millions of jobs and love America! They help with preserving your freedom and liberty that Barack Obama and Bruce Braley want to strip you of. America needs more Koch Brothers. In Iowa, she would get a standing ovation if she said this.

The fact is this Joni. If you read this; this is your election and this is the difference.

The TEA PARTY WILL BE THE DECIDING FACTOR IN IOWA. THE REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ARE LARGELY SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE. THAT 15% of the deciding voting block (Tea Party) is the difference in victory and defeat. So far, your playing the middle and being afraid to stand soundly for conservative principles. By not  reaching out to the Tea Party has cost you dearly. I realize that having Governor Sarah Palin counts for something, but that was negated (in the Tea Party’s mind) by picking Senator Marco Rubio.  I would be having that prayer meeting with the managers if I were you.

I use Iowa, because Iowa is a reflection of America in so many ways. The same thing is happening nationwide in many races. We are losing races, we should be winning large in. It is inexcusable in my opinion and Republicans need to get off the couch and these candidates had BETTER HEAD TO THE RIGHT AND FAST! Whether any of you want to admit it, the Tea Party is alive and well, they are just a bit quite at the moment and they will NOT VOTE FOR YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE A REPUBLICAN. THAT IS THE MISTAKE OF LIFETIME TO THINK THAT.  

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