With the “RACIST AND CHIEF” ordering his “BOY-ERIC HOLDER” to wing his way to the Show Me State, it

Image of Jay Nixon

Sold out a Police Officer for political gain to Obama.

now appears the Judge and jury has ruled. If they haven’t ruled yet, the racist commando’s from D.C. are going to make sure they do rule in favor of slamming Officer Darren Wilson behind bars for life.

On Tuesday nights broadcast of the “Kelly File” hosted by Megyn Kelly, she literally ripped the Missouri Governor “a new one” in her analysis of the Ferguson debacle.

Keep in mind that Megyn Kelly was a prosecuting attorney in her former life for some 10 years prior to joining Fox News.

Here is the video that has taken the news world by storm. It is very clear that this former Attorney General (Governor Jay Nixon) has sold his political soul to the Obama Administration for future political favors.

You will notice that he not once, not twice but many more times than that referred to “justice for the Brown family”. This to me (and I’m not an attorney) seems to send the signal that Nixon and his Attorney General will make certain that Officer Wilson will be prosecuted for the tragic shooting.

The Democrats in Missouri have most certainly sunk to new lows, even for Democrats. If you were not able to hear Megyn Kelly’s remarks on Tuesday night, I will paraphrase for you.

1. She did interview the head of the Fraternal Order of Police. He basically told the Governor to shut up. The investigation was still on going. The Lt. Governor called the Governor disgraceful and did tell him to shut up.

2. By Nixon releasing this little 5 minute indictment of Officer Wilson, it has made an impartial Grand Jury almost impossible. This video has poisoned any potential jury pool.

3. Lies, lies, some truth thrown in and a couple of thousand interviews to go, nobody knows what actually happened yet.

So far every and I do mean EVERY expert on the law, police officer, sheriff or any other law enforcement official interviewed has said that the Governor pushing this in front of a Grand Jury in just a little over a week after the event is beyond comprehension.

This brings to question, “who is pressuring the Governor” and “why are they pressuring and intimidating the Governor”?

I think this little episode in Missouri should pretty much answer the question (if you still had one) as to whether the Attorney General and President are in fact as big of racist as anyone in the KKK is. America has sunk to another new low. And unfortunately someone’s life hangs in the balance and that someone is not going to get anything close to an impartial administering of justice.