So you think your vote doesn’t count? So you think your opinion is irrelevant except with those in your immediate circle? I can’t

Image of Abe Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln was ONE who made a difference.

make a difference, I am but one person with one opinion and one vote. How many times have you heard this?

If you would indulge me today, I would like to talk about the power of one. That means READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE prior to clicking the “LIKE” button and going to the next.

Let’s visit my favorite toy for a moment. The incredible device I call my “Way Back Machine”. Yes I know; I borrowed it from a cartoon I enjoyed as a child. But let’s jump in it for a few minutes.

If you are a Bible believing Christian, then you’re familiar with the power of one. It was one man who God used to save humanity the first time. He called upon Noah to build an Ark, load it with a few people and a zoo full of animals. He did not call upon a dozen or a community or a state, he called upon but one man who was a devoted believer to accomplish his task before flooding the region or world depending what you believe.

Then of course we have Moses and Jesus. Time and again, God has called upon just one to accomplish incredible acts or missions on his behalf. Do you still think one doesn’t matter? Arguments can be made that these 3 individuals literally changed humanity for all time. That is certainly the case with Jesus of Nazareth.

Do you believe for a moment that America would be here without Benjamin Franklin? Do you know how July 4, 1776 actually happened? Prior to that fateful day, there had been months and months of infighting amongst the all the members of the Continental Congress. Samuel Adams was the first one that broached the subject of Independence from King George. He took his anarchist idea to cousin John and finally convinced him to run this idea (suicidal would be a good adjective at the time) up the flag-pole at Congress. John finally agrees and all but filibusters this concept only to be met with scorn, laughter and hatred from his colleagues at Congress. These guys were fully prepared to literally tar and feather the Massachusetts Congressman for treason against the crown.

It wasn’t until the ever popular grandfather Ben began taking people aside and “educating” them in a Dutch Uncle sort of fashion that the Adam’s cousins concept would be pushed through and signed. Had it not been for Ben Franklin, we might very well be to this day owing our allegiance to the Monarchy in London. Again; THE POWER OF ONE!

It was one lunatic that seized the bulk of Europe by convincing an entire nation to go along with idea of race superiority and commit genocide against an entire religious sect of people. ONE! One incredibly egomaniacal maniac with greasy hair and funky little moustache managed to convince millions of people to go into a war to take over the world. Still think there is no power in just one?

Once again the British Monarchy took a beating from just one person. Remember the little skinny British educated Attorney from India? This ONE spent several years “walking” around India with a stick and wrapped in homespun sack-cloth with sandals. He preached and preached, was thrown in jail repeatedly until he convinced 500 million to embrace “freedom” from Great Britain. Mohandas Gandhi became one of the most beloved figures in world history for his efforts. It all began with him being thrown from a train because he refused to ride in back after purchasing a first class ticket. The power of ONE does make a difference my fellow patriots.

One person with One incredible idea, belief or a cause can change the world or a nation or a state or their home. One President name Abraham Lincoln, One industrialist named Henry Ford or One activist named Martin Luther King Jr. is all it takes to make giant leaps.

The above ONE’s changed the world at some levels for several major reasons. The first being; they BELIEVED in what they were doing. Be it bad or good, they BELIEVED! Secondly; they took that belief and began working on achieving their respective goal and would not take NO for an answer. In other words, they applied tenacity to their idea’s or beliefs.

In the coming day’s; I am going to introduce you to ANOTHER ONE! This One has an idea that I happen to agree with and this ONE (with your help) can actually make a huge difference in America.

It is NO SECRET that the President is about to use his pen and his power to alter this nation beyond recognition. He is about to grant AMNESTY to millions upon millions of illegal (some say criminal and I happen to agree) aliens. If he does this, it will forever alter our elections, our economy (not for the good) and our demographics as a nation.

The ONE I am going to introduce you too has a plan for stopping this from happening and it is a brilliantly conceived plan that I think might possibly work. Stay tuned, SHARE THIS ARTICLE and SHARE THE ONE COMING SHORTLY ON THE SOLUTION TO saving and restoring our nation. IT WILL TAKE YOUR PARTICIPATION, TENACITY, LOVE OF COUNTRY AND BELIEF IN THE CAUSE.

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Thanks; God Bless each of you and STAY TUNED FOR THE “ONE” coming in the next day or two. This might just work!

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