Over the last couple of weeks; I have received several phone calls from patriots that expressed extreme concern over FEMA camps and

Image of Fema Camps across America

Supposed FEMA camps in America

the impending rounding up of Tea Party types by the Obama Administration. Today’s submission will not be dedicated totally to the subject of FEMA camps but will also explain what is actually going on here.


Before you make up your mind on an allegation, I have found it to be a pretty good idea to “follow the money” angle to anything in life. The one element to any good piece of gossip (or conspiracy theory) that seems to always be present but nearly always overlooked is good old-fashioned cold hard cash. Let’s take a quick look at Alex Jones for instance. Jones who only has a radio audience of some 70 syndicated stations (usually smaller stations in mid to small markets) has amassed a NET WORTH of some $8,000,000.00 and of course his holdings are much more than that. With that said; how did he earn this rather large fortune? The answer is by making “conspiracy theory” docudrama’s and having radio shows dedicated to conspiracy theory. Think about this for just a moment.

Alex Jones has built a fortune by telling you that the United States is going to be devoured by the NEW WORLD ORDER (whoever these guys are)! He has sold many Americans on “the government is coming to get your guns tomorrow morning” at 8:00 AM. After the government grabs your guns, they are throwing you in a gulag FEMA camp where God only knows what will happen to you after that. Jones has spent years telling us that the Bilderberg Group was seizing all our money in the next couple of days. Jones claims that the government bombed (yes I actually heard him say this) the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney conspired to pull off 9/11 with Saudi Arabian terrorist and they are actually responsible for the thousands of deaths in the Twin Towers. The list of Jones conspiracy theories is most assuredly long and illustrious. My favorite is the one where HOMELAND SECURITY is buying up all the ammunition to begin carrying out all of the above.

I am the first to admit that I like Glenn Beck. I think Glenn is genuine and is probably a very nice fellow. I would actually love to have dinner with Glenn and visit about his incredibly successful career and all of the interesting people he has been able to meet over the years. With that said, this is also true, Glenn too has earned a very large fortune espousing conspiracy theory. To be fair though, a large chunk of Glenn’s shows are not all conspiracy theory. He does throw in humor and some actual news with his spin on it. But never-the-less, $250,000,000.00 is an incredible amount of money that a good portion of it does in fact come from conspiracy theory.


This is NO different from what the major Tea Party Organizations such as Tea Party.org, Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party.net and many others have been doing over the last several years. Have you noticed that when you check your email, there is always one from some conservative group or Tea Party organization. The subject line is ALWAYS dire and the earth is ending. You open this up to find that the administration is seizing your first amendment rights tomorrow afternoon by Executive Order or your guns are being taken and the gas pumps will not have anymore fuel this afternoon. The only thing left out of the email is that if you don’t DONATE TODAY TO SAVE AMERICA, your transmission will start leaking in the morning and a tornado will take your home away shortly after that. HOWEVER, IF YOU DO DONATE, we can prevent all of these tragedies from happening. Give $25 now please!  

THE FACT IS THIS PATRIOTS; TEA PARTY GROUPS, RADIO SHOWS etc. NEED A HOOK TO KEEP YOU INTERESTED AND MAKE THEM NEEDED so you can keep up with the latest news to protect your family, businesses and friends from the evil government or United Nations. In doing so, they keep earning money from advertisers and higher payments from more syndicated stations.

  I love one of the lines in an article about FEMA Camps that I read while researching this piece. The line was something along the lines of, “how do you expect to fill up 800 camps with millions of people” when you blew Katrina so badly? The writer has a very valid point. You’re expecting the Federal Government to be able to seize control of 325,000,000 people and an entire nation, when these guys could not even handle one hurricane properly? Remember these are the same people that built (or could not build) a website for health-care.

On a more serious note though; I do want you to think about one thing from a strategic point of view for a moment. WHO is Obama going to get to “ROUND YOU UP”? Seriously! WHO? The United Nations? Who comprises the United Nations troops? Yes, there are a few thousand Chinese and probably a few others that don’t like us much, but the bulk of the United Nations forces are European. Do you really think the Irish, Spanish, English, German or Italian troops are going to turn on America like that? Not only that, do you really think that 50,000 or 100,000 United Nations troops are going to want to come to America and fight our National Guard troops plus 150,000,000 armed Americans with an attitude? No, our Armed Forces will never take an un-constitutional order to fire on our own citizens. You might have a few, but I am pretty sure they would be severely injured from “friendly fire” if they tried it.

Patriots; the fact is that most of this is plain bunk. Popular Mechanics did a complete expose a few years ago on the FEMA Camp theories. They found that a good portion of the photo’s on the net were actually from North Korea prison camps. This rag-tag online publication actually had the audacity to scare the crap out of Americans by publishing not just the map of supposed camps but a complete article with a list of “Executive Orders” that had been written to IMPRISON AMERICANS! The problem with most of this was that the orders listed, many were written prior to WWII or during WWII and were rescinded by several Presidents back in the late 60’s and even Reagan had rescinded many of them.


Patriots; Homeland Security is NOT coming to get you either. (tongue in cheek) do you really think the guys and ladies from Airport Security are going to get this done? NO~ Homeland Security is primarily composed of Border Patrol agents, Alcohol and drug enforcement agents etc. Most of these guys will enforce the law. Yes they will, but when it comes down to attacking ALL AMERICANS to take them away, I seriously doubt they would comply with those orders. In the end, they too are Americans.

The point of this article was pretty simple. To get you to think before believing 9/10ths of this garbage posted by people. Think about what it would take to pull something like (what it is you’re reading) that off. Think about the logistics, time, money and manpower.

In the end, here is what we truly need! We need you to get out the vote! Talk to friends, relatives and Democrats and convince them to vote conservative. WE need you to sleep well at night and be ready to do battle for conservatism tomorrow. We can change America, but we need everyone involved. I do not need you to be losing sleep and jumping at every noise, thinking the evil government is coming after you. Relax America, trust yourselves, trust God, love each other, wave the flag, be positive and let’s go kick some Democrats out of Washington! Love you all!

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