As many of you know, my father that passed away last year was a 30 year Veteran of the United States Air Force. His job in the Air Force was to pilot fighter

Image of planes making chemtrails.

Yes Virginia; there are chemtrails and they are harming us.

jets. I remember as a young man (aged 6 or 7), lying in the lush green grass at my grandparents home and asking him one day “what are those white lines going across the sky”?

Dad went into an elaborate explanation of how the jet fuel exhaust at certain temperatures would encounter the cold humid air at 35,000 feet, freeze and become what is known as a “CON-TRAIL”. The con-trail would usually go away in a minute or two, but it was fun watching them as a child.

Con-trails have been around since we have had airplanes that could travel at higher altitudes such as 30,000 feet and above. You typically don’t see as many in the summer as you do in the winter, but they’re there.

Over the past 10-12 years if you haven’t been paying much attention, we now seem to have an inordinate amount of these “con-trails”, which caused people to begin asking questions. Why do we have so many? Why are they in uniformity-almost as if they are choreographed? Why don’t they dissipate as rapidly as they used too? Why are they expanding until the entire sky seems to be hazy? These are a but a few of the questions being asked by the general public today.

For a long time, I got a kick out of picking on people like Alex Jones (Radio Host) and his tin foiled hat radio program. I owe Mr. Jones a profound apology on this one. I hope he forgives me. He is 100% correct about the not so beautiful “CHEM-TRAILS”. A chem-trail is a con-trail that isn’t exhaust at all, but is actually highly toxic chemicals being spewed into the atmosphere.

This is a clip from a Discovery Channel special on Chem-Trails. You might want to watch it for a little better explanation.

Now you know that our beloved Federal Government is actually spraying us with chemicals. Just to make you feel really good about good old Uncle Sam taking such good care of us, read this article from “GeoEngineering” about what sorts of chemicals are actually in those chem-trails.

The general consensus is that the government is spraying this litany of harmful chemicals in our atmosphere in an attempt to slow or stop global warming. According to this group of scientist and experts, this might not be the case at all.

To add fuel to the fire, when you look at the dramatic increases in brain cancer, autism, ADHD and other plights facing America (and it seems as though we’re the only ones), one has to consider that maybe these experts have a valid point. Is our government actually trying to kill some of us off?

AUTISM RATES IN AMERICA ARE UP OVER 78% in the past decade alone! Is this coincidental? Brain tumors and other forms of cancer have been increasing by the rate of 1.8-2.0% annually in America since the mid-70’s. Think this is coincidental as well? Not really,  since it was the 1970’s when the government contracted to begin spraying our skies.

America; there comes a point in time when we can no longer ignore certain things in life. Once upon a time, one could deny that we have UFO’s. Not anymore. The question still remains as to who they are or where they come from, but when you have hundreds of thousands of people with I-Phones videoing these things, you can no longer deny that something is flying around that is very strange. The same holds true with life after death. We have the technology that proves Mr. Smith was dead for 11 minutes and then he woke up. How is this possible? We then hear Mr. Smith’s incredible story of where he went and what happened.

I wrote an article recently that was met with very mixed responses. I used the 9/11 tragedy as an example of why we need to start questioning our government. These are the facts that we do know for certainty.

1. The government is spraying our skies with chemicals and many of them are toxic to humans! This is a FACT! It is no longer tin foil hat theory or conspiracy or whatever you want to call it. Evergreen Aviation has admitted to it, Discovery Channel has documented it and millions have video taped it.

2. Due to the fact that many of these chemicals are in fact toxic, should we not be questioning this practice and begin a movement to put a stop to it?

America; the evidence is in and this is no longer up for conversation. Our wildlife is dying! Bees are dying at an alarming rate, water sources are being poisoned, vegetation is being affected and the list of harmful effects is growing almost daily.

Simply look around at our autism rates, cancer rates and many other maladies that are growing in numbers that are frightening. Use your common sense and think about how much life has changed in the last 20 years. Look at our society today versus 20 years ago. Is there a correlation between the spraying of aluminum compounds in our atmosphere and our breakdown of our rational thought, crime rates and illness rates.

I am calling on all patriot’s to contact your representatives and begin questioning as to “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON”? I don’t want to hear about how they are trying to stop global warming! This is horse crap as global warming is NOT SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. At least it is not to the point that justifies spraying the American people with harming chemical compounds that cause us to die! Personally I will take my chances with the sun and global warming, given the choice.

Call your Congressman! Call your Senator! Call Al Gore and demand that he stop being stupid!


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