I admit I was shocked when I saw a quick blurb in the Wall Street Journal this evening. The blurb was a story they were working on about the mass invasion

Image of Gay men hoisting a flag

The epitome of disrespect by gay men in San Francisco

of the LGBT community from Central America. It seems that it’s not just children showing up at the borders anymore. If you’re not sitting down, you had better for what I am about to relay to you.

One of my personal chief complaints (and it has been for years) about the entire LGBT movement has been over “RIGHTS”. The “community” has never been happy with just being American citizens and having the rights afforded you under the United States Constitution. The radical portion of the movement has demanded “SPECIAL RIGHTS” because of their sexuality. No different from that of the Islam Radicals and Muslim activist are doing in America, this group of sexual narcissist have managed to create a situation where “if you disagree with them, you’re labeled as a bigot, racist and host of other derogatory names”. This has been the methodology to drive their agenda from the inception for these “SPECIAL RIGHTS”. The simple answer is; nobody wants to be labeled as a bigot or any other negative name. Side-Note; This is the tactic being used by the Muslim Community that is enabling them to push their religious agendas on communities across America. This includes their legal system (known as Sharia Law) that is even being used in some communities because of these fears by politicians.

Here is the deal in a nut shell. You live in a Central American Country and your a proud gay man. You’re now deciding that you want to come to America and open a gay bar in Topeka, Kansas. All you have to do is call, email or get in touch with the NEW YORK HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE. That’s right America, if you’re gay and you live in a country that doesn’t like gay’s, you may come to America as a refugee fleeing political persecution. Remember those Chinese political prisoners? They were left in China and all the while our government did nothing. We still have Americans in North Korean prisons and Pastors in Iranian prisons.

America has come to the point that you no longer have to have a trade or talent to be admitted. There was once a time when you needed to have some skill that was beneficial to our nation. We were never like some nations where you have to be a physician, teacher, physicist or something of that nature. IE: I hear Australia and New Zealand are pretty tough to get citizenship in. We were never that stringent, but we did expect you to open a Pizza café or be a welder or something that was fairly productive. Not anymore my patriot friends. Just proudly wave that rainbow flag, tell them the local police don’t like when you march in your own private gay pride parade in drag and you’re in!

No, I am not kidding America! Homeland Security even has special training for the good folks at the Immigration Department in how to handle LGBT folks wanting asylum in America.

America, this is truly a crisis. We have children showing up with all sorts of communicable illnesses, people that are overwhelming our social safety nets and now this. What is going to befall our once proud nation?

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