Image of the World Trade Center on Fire.

The moment the South Tower was struck.

According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of “CONSPIRACY THEORY” is; a theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups.

Probably the biggest conspiracy theory of the twentieth century was and is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. To this day we still have the debate raging as to whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or was a patsy or was involved with more assassins. Was the CIA involved? Was it the FBI? Was it the Mafia that wanted the President dead? Was it actually a secret plot by Russia with the assistance of LBJ? There are as many theories as there was and are people willing to discuss the tragedy. The Kennedy assassination has not just been the topic of millions of bar room and dinner table discussions, it has also been tremendously lucrative for Hollywood. The movie starring Kevin Costner under the direction of Oliver Stone has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars and is but one of many movies and television docudrama’s that have been made over the decades.

Since the Kennedy tragedy, we have had many conspiracy theories. There have been theories surrounding the “real” reasons we entered Vietnam. How did Marilyn Monroe “really” die and did we actually “land” on the moon or was it a Hollywood production and an elaborate hoax to allow for the dumping of billions into NASA?

Since Kennedy, there has not been a larger nor more heart wrenching conspiracy theory than that of the national tragedy known as 9/11. The general consensus and results from the Congressional investigations are that a group of well-funded terrorist managed to hijack 4 commercial airliners and drive them into the World Trade Centers, Pentagon and crash one in a field in Pennsylvania. America even watched in horror and live on television as some of these incidents actually transpired.

My confession is that; yes, I have believed that a group of terrorist used box cutters, cut the throats of pilots and managed to drive these jumbo jets into our national landmarks and slaughter thousands of innocent people. In the same breath, I am questioning and have questioned many aspects of these events. As of yet, I still don’t have any answers. One of the biggest questions is “WHY” was the hole so small in the Pentagon and why was not hardly one part of that plane ever found? How did the Twin Towers fall perfectly straight to the ground? This one has been gnawing at me since the day it happened? Why was the hole so small in that Pennsylvania field? No tail, no wing, no debris field was ever found. No bodies were ever recovered from Shanksville nor the World Trade Center. None of the above computes in my brain, nor do any of the questions and the answers given pass the smell test to me.

The following is a short news clip from the day of the tragedy at the Pentagon. According to the posters of this video clip, it was show live on television and has been scrubbed and never shown again. It is short, but extremely interesting and certainly worth viewing.

Admittedly the following video is a bit tough to take, but they most certainly make a very valid argument for what happened at the Pentagon and it does make sense.

If those two videos don’t blow your mind about 9/11, this one certainly will cause you to begin asking many questions.

I want to stress that my intention today was not to cause America to storm the Capitol and demand answers to 9/11. The entire purpose of today was “why are we as Americans not allowed to ask questions of our government any longer”? It seems that if we as Americans ask questions we are labeled as “tin foil hat wearing” nut-jobs. We are marginalized and stuffed into a box and labeled “open in case of national emergency”.

Watch this interview with Governor Jesse Ventura and see what happens when “We the People” ask questions. This is the problem today in our nation.

I think it is time that “WE THE PEOPLE” begin asking many questions regarding our national security, our national leadership, 9/11, wars and many other topics. I think it is time we begin asking questions again about our Presidents citizenship and school records. I think it is time we begin asking the hard questions about “whom” is actually running this ship known as USS America. I also think it is time we begin DEMANDING ANSWERS TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS!

Ponder the above regarding 9/11, but when doing so, ponder the bigger issue about the direction our nation is heading in. WE have a government that thinks nothing of spying on our citizens. We have a government that doesn’t seem interested in securing our nation to the evil that is permeating so many nations across the globe and thinks nothing of murdering people by the scores. We have a government that no longer listens to our citizens at any level and we have a government that is not taking our national security seriously at any level.  And lastly think about the fact that we have a government  that has proven to be guilty of lying to the American people repeatedly and thinking nothing of that either.

I would love to hear your thoughts to any part of this or all of it. Think America, think long and hard about the direction you want for our nation.

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