Below you will find my interpretation of what the Speaker of the House needs to do for both our nation and our people. I encourage each reader if you agree

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It is time to do your Constitutional Duty Mr. Speaker

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Speaker John Boehner

United States House of Representatives

Washington, D. C.

Mr. Speaker;

We the American people would like to make a couple of points, then with heart-felt anguish, make a special request. We do this out of love for our nation and with a very heavy heart.

We are very aware of the many sleepless nights you have probably had regarding the state of our nation and its current leadership. It has most likely been agonizing for you in the sense that you’re torn between knowing what you should do, but also knowing the egregious fallout that would no doubt occur.

Mr. Speaker it is now time to put aside your own concerns for the political blasting that you would incur on the networks and in the press. It is time to put aside the volatile rhetoric you would most likely suffer from the Reverend Jesse Jackson and his minions. You must act to protect this nation from any further damage.

We are also very aware of the fact that you have access to large amounts of classified information that the American people do not have access too. With that said, we are also cognizant of the fact this President and Attorney General have committed acts that are nothing short of “trampling on our United States Constitution” and in the Presidents case, even treasonous. These charges could literally number into the dozens and you know this.  

Mr. Speaker; you of all people are aware of these actions that have harmed America. You are aware of the charges that could be brought against these two individuals.

We the American Citizens are requesting that you now bring the United States House of Representatives to session and begin holding ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS for both President Barack H. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

We feel as though it is your duty to do this for our nation’s survival. Anytime you have a President of the United States that funds, aids and abets our sworn enemy, this is treason!

In the end Mr. Speaker, you will go down in history as a patriot for doing this. We might not win in the Senate, but you would have done your duty and you will be supported by many more than would chastise you.

Very Respectfully;

The American People

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