Image of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

This is the monster leading ISIS

if Barack Obama is attacking America on all fronts and much more. My question is why?

Let’s be honest here for a moment. I wrote a blog the other day about Obama and the fact that if it quacks, walks and looks like a duck, it is probably a duck. In the beginning; my opinion of Obama was as simple as “this guy is just inept and unqualified“. NOT ANYMORE! I am now more convinced than ever that Obama is in fact “KILLING AMERICA IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE“. My fellow patriots, there simply is too much evidence to suggest otherwise.

I am going to break this down into a very simple format in order that you can send this to all your friends and family. It will be very easy to understand and most anyone will “get it”. This is being done in order that everyone can begin preparing for what is about to happen. There is almost zero doubt at this point that America is about to enter some very, very hard times. These hard times will most likely include more terrorist attacks on our soil, similar if not worse than those of 9-11 back in 2001.

1.  Abu Bakr al Baghdadi; This is a name you will be hearing often in the coming months. He is the leader of a group named ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Just who is ISIS? ISIS is a group of former Al-Qaeda terrorist whom have all but conquered Syria and now most of Iraq. Their goals are very simply to install a Caliphate across the entire Middle East. Obama, Kerry and now Hillary all claim they were “shocked” to see the progression of how fast ISIS grew in power and how fast they expanded. This is BUNK! Our CIA knows when a leading terrorist goes to the restroom. This is a case of Barack Obama allowing terrorist groups to expand and grow their Islamic terror strongholds. The group ISIS is now putting on full display just how totally barbaric they truly are. In the last several days, it is reported that ISIS have slaughtered some 2000 Iraqi police and military soldiers.  Keep in mind that it was Obama’s regime that freed this monster and released him back to “his people” in 2009. Upon leaving prison, his now infamous quote was “I will see you in New York” to his captors.

Where we’re at today is this. Baghdadi is in possession of $425,000,000.00 worth of gold that he looted from a bank in Mosul. He is in control of a good portion of Syria (that Obama drew the red line on) and Iraq. He is in possession of thousands of fanatical troops, not to mention STINGER MISSILES, TANKS, HUMVEE’S AND THOUSANDS OF GRENADE LAUNCHERS AND OTHER ARTILLERY. Al-Qaeda has even stated they don’t like the barbarians of ISIS and the total brutality that they inflict.

The tragedy here is; all the pain, all the money, all the lives (that America expended) have been for nothing because of Barack Obama. This to me is reprehensible.

2. Energy and Economy; America derives over 40% of our electrical grid from coal powered electric plants. Barack Obama by directives to the EPA has begun shutting down (through very tight restrictions that the power plants cannot possibly adhere too) these plants. The problem is there is zero way at this time to replace this energy. The two results are beginning to emerge. The first being that America’s homes will be paying much higher electric bills next year. It is now estimated that these bills will increase by some 200-300%. This is going to cripple the average home. The second being that it all but kills Americas manufacturing capacity. Just this morning Governor Rick Perry on Fox News was commenting on how much damage this is going to do to our economy. The results of Obama’s mandates regarding coal will be that our economic growth will zero out and begin shrinking.

3. Military, Borders and Foreign Policy; It now goes without question that the world is far more dangerous today than it was 20 years ago. North Korea has developed nuclear weapons, Iran is in the process of putting the final touches on their first bomb and it get’s worse from there. Russia is on the move again by expanding their reach back into the Ukraine and Al-Qaeda has pretty much seized all of North Africa. Rather than “Peace through Strength“, Barack Obama has decided to gut our military to make America “nicer and more equal with its enemies“. This is the only rational deduction one can derive from this stupidest of all his decisions as Commander and Chief.

The reality is that our borders are being over-run by illegal immigrants flooding into Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. The INS is critically understaffed and we are only grabbing up a very small portion of these folks who are coming into America. The dirty secret is that some of these folks are in fact bad guys from the Middle East who are coming into America to do “God only knows what” to our cities and nation. As far back as 2009/10, the government has known that terrorist have been simply walking into America. The CIA has known about Hezbollah operating on the Arizona border since the 2008 and issued reports to the fact that the group seized control of the drug cartels. And Obama and Holder were running guns down to the border with Fast and Furious? Amazing! Who’s side are they on?

I don’t really need to discuss Vladimir Putin. We are all in agreement that Vladimir has put a nose ring through Barry’s nose and is leading him around like a prize bull. Barack Obama has become a global laughing stock in terms or our relationship with Russia.

My fellow patriots; America is in trouble. We are in very serious trouble. I don’t even need to address the “Gay Agenda” that Barack Obama has used for political purposes or his attack on Christianity. We are all aware. Our greatest threat to our nation now rest on two major points. The bonds that China and Russia are holding that comprise a good deal of our debt, are now being used to alter America’s foreign policy and what is in the best interest of our nation. Russia and China both have on more than once occasion threatened to call these bonds due, thus crashing Wall Street and collapsing our economy. This power can be directly laid at the feet of Barack Obama. The second major point is Americas lack of response to global terror and the mass slaughter of Christians and the residents of Iraq who are not extremist Islam followers.

You are now witnessing live and in Technicolor the establishment of a full scale Terror State (Iraq) at the hands of some of the most horrific animals the world has ever known. They are rich, they are violent and they will now have seized and unlimited supply of oil to fund their activities. All of this can be directly laid at the feet of Barack Obama.

Again; I ask the question, why is Barack Obama destroying America and her allies and friends? Why? Why does this man hate America? I would think that having been born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and educated in America, he would be just little more grateful to this nation than he is appearing to be.

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