Father’s Day weekend brings a couple of huge benefits. One being that I get to be lazy and take that much-loved cat nap on the sofa while watching the U. S. Open. To me; there is nothing more enjoyable than lying under the air conditioner on a hot summer day with a tall glass of southern ice tea (yes, it has sugar in it) and watching either a ball game or a golf tournament on television. Ah yes, life is good at times.

My temporary life of euphoria was marred however when to my dismay, I logged onto the Internet and what did I see on the old MSN Homepage? A poll of course. If you’re a typical liberal site, what better weekend to run an “Anti-American, Anti-George W. Bush and anything Anti-Conservative” poll with the resurgence of terror groups in Iraq. This is what I was greeted with.


Was the war in Iraq worth it?

Was the war in Iraq worth it?

  1. 16 %

    Yes, despite bumps, Iraqi people are better off.
    17,794 votes
  2. 76 %
    No, the US never should have gone.
    82,084 votes

Let’s take a look at the first statement. The first statement is incorrect because it is NOT Al-Qaeda that has been doing all the murdering or destruction. It is a group named ISIS and they originated in Syria from Al-Qaeda. These guys are so bad, that Al-Qaeda has been distancing themselves from them. This is due largely to the fact that they are even more violent than Al-Qaeda. In addition to decapitating their victims, they have even reverted back to crucifixion as another means of torture and death.

You have to love the question in this poll. WAS THE WAR IN IRAQ WORTH IT? Would they be running this poll had nothing been going on in Iraq? Would they be running this poll had the military found 7 million pounds of nerve gas when we first invaded and Saddam’s finger on the trigger of a nuke buried under Washington, D. C. ? Would they still have run this poll today. Then the answers really puzzled me. Why not have this for one of the answers; YES, despite the fact that Barack Obama screwed up so bad in Syria it allowed the ISIS group to garner immense strength and a power base. How about that for an answer to the poll?

As Forest Gump is so famous for saying; That’s about all I got to say about that. Sometimes I just can’t stand liberals, they are so hypocritical and just flat twist and lie. Sorry America, I just had to vent and NO, I did not vote in this very skewed poll. I hope you didn’t either.

I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Father’s Day weekend. Enjoy the golf, enjoy the family time and above all else, remember to say thank you to our Father in Heaven. See you on Monday!

NOTE TO EDITOR AT MSN; Have your liberal writer/pollster change the spelling of Al Qaeda, it is incorrect~