You have heard it a million times. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it must be a duck. Three of the things I have learned in this life are very simplistic in nature.

1. People will lie! It goes all the way back to Adam and Eve when even they tried to lie to God. If people will foolishly try to lie to God, then they will most certainly lie to each-other.

2. The answer to most mysteries are usually the most visible. Many people seem to earn a living by trying to advance “conspiracy” theories, but in reality, the answer is most often a very simple answer. In other words, 99% of the time, it was never actually a conspiracy at all, the answer was right in front of our noses all along.

3. If there is a bunch of smoke; you betcha, somewhere in there is a big fire!

Image of Glenn Beck

Beck told us on Fox what would happen 3 years ago.

Thus is the case with this President. I remember a couple of years ago when Glenn Beck was still hosting his afternoon show on Fox News. Mr. Beck advanced the theory that America was suffering from a condition known as “Normalcy Bias“. Beck could not understand why America was not rising up to this President. Obama early on had begun displaying characteristics and committing acts that were very obviously dangerous and damaging America, yet the public didn’t seem to “GET IT” and almost seemed to look the other way. How and why could America be putting up with this sort of horrific leadership? The answer seemed to be normalcy bias was Beck’s contention. In retrospect and in my opinion, Fox News owes Mr. Beck an apology for cancelling his show. In hindsight, he was 100% accurate in all assertions regarding the American people and Barack Obama.


I do have to confess, I have not subscribed to BLAZE TV. However, I do remember many shows that Beck did on Fox with the Middle East maps and the flames emanating from the different countries where Glenn was explaining how the Jihad’s and Muslim Terrorist were expanding their reach and power influences.

Since Barack Obama has become President of the United States, many advances have been made by dozens of terrorist organizations. We have had many friendly governments taken over by extremist militant groups and have lost thousands of our heroes in the deserts of the Middle East.

I wrote an article years ago (when Obama won back in 08) and I reported how Obama and Eric Holder were running guns to Hezbollah in Mexico and then they were being shipped to the Middle East. I had been given a CIA report on Hezbollah (one of the most lethal terrorist groups on earth) and how they had seized control of the drug cartels in Mexico. <see map insert here> I wrote of how they were running drugs into America, taking the money and shipping it back to the Middle East along with the arms they were being supplied by this administration. The scandal is now called “Fast and Furious“.

Image of Al Qaeda map in Africa

Map of Al Qaeda and Terrorist groups financing and arms dealing.

When one looks at the Middle East today, it is shocking how much has been lost to terrorist. The nations of Libya, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Iraq (currently falling), Chad, Mali, Sudan, Western Sahara and of course Egypt. All of these plus more territories and areas are now under the control of Muslim Extremist Terror groups of one sort or another, most being Al Qaeda. In other words Al Qaeda has seized control of the bulk of Northern Africa all the while this President has not just stayed silent, but even aided and abetted them through arms deals and financing. Why?


How many thousands have we lost in Iraq? According to CNN we have lost more than 8000 United States and Coalition forces in Iraq since we first went to war to stop Saddam Hussein. After we have pumped billions upon billions into Iraq, after we have spent thousands of American lives in an attempt to assist the country in setting up some sort of Democratic government, why are we turning our backs and walking away? In the last week, the soldiers and police forces of many Iraqi towns and villages have fallen to an Al Qaeda spin-off organization named ISIS. They are now on the verge of invading Baghdad and seizing control of the entire country. All the money and lives have been for nothing! Barack Obama received a call from the President of Iraq yesterday in which the Iraqi leader pleaded for help. Obama said NO! In other words, the lives were all in vain. Why? Why won’t Obama stop this takeover of Iraq by a vicious and murderous terrorist organization?


With all of the controversy surrounding the missing soldier Bowe Bergdahl, one has to ask themselves; “why would Barack Obama trade a known deserter” for five (5) of the worlds most vicious killers? To me the subject of whether Bergdahl is a deserter is not even up for discussion. His entire company said and with the evidence the military has, he did in fact simply walk off the post and into the wilderness seeking out the Taliban. With the evidence of what his father is like and how sympathetic he is toward the Taliban, it is pretty clear that Obama has more going on here than just one rogue soldier.


The president trades off (5) vicious killers for one Taliban sympathetic soldier who deserted to join them? (Don’t tell me nobody knew, the White House knows darned near everything that happens on this planet) The president allows allies to be taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood (who finances and arms our enemies), then turns around and gives the Brotherhood billions of dollars as well as arming them with jets and tanks. The president allows for terrorist organizations to simply walk across our Southern Border and sell drugs inside America, all the while he is shipping them AK-47’s to be sent back to the Middle East? The president then continues to allow Iran (who has sworn to nuke Israel) to keep developing its own nuclear weapons? He draws red lines in the sand, then when the proof comes in, he turns and walks away from the promise to intervene. This allows the continued slaughter of Christians at the hands of Muslim Terrorist. Speaking of Christians; he does nothing when confronted by the thousands of Christians being slaughtered in Egypt. Why?

My fellow Americans; it is time to realize that this president is not a friend of America. He has driven us into an economic ditch on purpose. He has armed and funded the very people who have slaughtered Christians and Americans globally. He is allowing a nation that hates America and Israel to complete its nuclear enrichment programs for weapons development. He continues to allow for the expansion of the most heinous of humans to grab more countries and expand their agendas of religious control and human persecution and does nothing to stop it.

I go back to my original statement; if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it must be a duck!