Image of accident on the G.W. Bridge

This is a daily event on the G.W. Bridge, so what’s the problem?

I have decided to start a new feature here at to bring a bit of levity to the weekend. O.K., so it’s a week late, but the point is “I thought of it”.

The new feature is pretty simple. I take the weeks headlines (which I find either amusing, interesting or troubling) and put my own little version of Tea Party spin on them. I will endeavor to bring you up to date on all those events you missed out on for the week. You might a get a dog story from London or a Chris Christie story throwing himself into traffic to shut down a big bridge. In either case, you will get some levity, some seriousness and in most cases you will get some serious doses of sarcasm. One other side note; you will also be keeping up on my personal efforts to save America as I will be bringing you up to date on what “I” did this past week to stir the pot for conservatism. Sort of a blogging type of diary of a Tea Party activist for the week.

As you all know last Sunday began the NFL playoff’s. For those that know me personally, know that I am a rabid Green Bay Packer fan. Just about anything the Packers have licensed to put their logo on it, I own it! Ice Bowl II began my week in a very depressing fashion. The dreaded liberals from the Bay area dropped into Lambeau Field to start my new year in a negative fashion. Yep, my beloved Packers went down in flames on the frozen tundra. Got to say though, they put up a great fight and made the game very exciting. Too many injuries this season and a rusty and recovering Aaron Rogers just could not get it done. I am pretty sure though, had Mathews (our All World Linebacker with Fabio hair) been healthy and playing, we might have won that game.

One story that broke my heart was the story of a little girl named Jahi McMath out in Oakland, California. I am not totally up to date on the specifics of this story. Apparently what happened was she went in for a tonsilectomy, something went wrong and she ended up with permanent and total brain damage. I am not going to hurl stones here because I do not know the details of this story. I do know this much. Obamacare is now apparently involved at some level, because almost immediately the hospital wanted to turn off life support for her as they said she was brain-dead. This brings up two major points for me.

1. The hospital kept no secrets here. They said the cost of keeping her alive was cost prohibitive. Remember when Governor Sarah Palin was screaming from the mountain tops about “Death Panels”? Right out of the box the hospital was saying and even went before a judge to allow them to flip the switch on this poor little girl. Fortunately someone stepped in and stopped this for the parents sake. I don’t know whether this is the right thing to do or not. But I do think the parents should be able to do what they need to do so they can at least come to grips to mentally prepare for losing their daughter.

2. The second point this brings to me personally is this. If we can declare someone brain-dead and they are in fact dead and even in a legal sense, then why cannot an unborn baby that has brain activity be declared “ALIVE”? If the courts say; you’re dead, turn him off and let him go, then why cannot that same court say, you’re alive, protect this life at all cost! Just a thought!

In the political world, of course all political geeks rallied around the blogosphere, CNN, FOX, I-Phones and anyplace else they could get up to date information on our favorite rotund Governor being accused of walking into traffic or rolling out the traffic barrels last year. It seems that Chrissie Christie (not a misprint, I am being a smart ass), got busted or railroaded (depending on how you look at it) for some rather cruel treatment of the New York City commuters.

Personally, I have driven across the (even more infamous) famous George Washington Bridge that connects the Empire State with the Garden State. It is a nightmare to traverse and it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night. The allegations are that the New Jouisee Leader got into a rub with one or two of his Mayor’s and decided to (rather than go to the mattresses) shut the bridge down for a few hours to really hack off the towns folks trying to get to work in the city. The Krispy Cream donut King of Jouisee whether guilty or not guilty (time will tell) has had to throw a couple of his top assistants to the wolves to save his own skin. As this all plays out, I am thinking a couple of things.

1. To borrow a line from Queen of all Witches; “what difference does it make”? The fact is this; if you are ignorant enough to live in that cesspool known as the Garden State which doesn’t have any gardens anyway, you’re used to being stuck in traffic for hours at a crack anyway. What difference does it make if you’re sitting on a bridge or on a toll road (of which it seems like every road there is a toll road) anyway?

2. Come on Governor; you guys all are stars on the show “Mafia Wives” and “Jersey Shore”. You could surely think of a better way to punish your political opponents than shutting down a bridge. The former gangster leader John Gotti would fire you for not coming up with a better pay back than that.

Lastly; I just got word as it flashed across my phone that the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has passed away. I want to offer my sincerest thoughts and prayers to his family during their time of grief. Prime Minister Sharon was a true man of peace and did a great job of leading his nation through some troubling times.

Next week; More Christie updates (I am pretty sure there will be plenty), my take on events evolving here in Iowa’s Senate race, more takes on (again trusting the news will come through for me)Obamacare and its dismal failure, some campaign stuff and my wisdom of conservatism. See you all next week.