Once in a while, I am so very blessed. Yesterday; one of our members over at Tea Party Community.com sent me an email. I was going to elaborate on this email and write an article about it, but I have decided to just reprint the email in total and let you come to your own conclusions. For the record, I have spoken to this gentlemen on the phone several times over the last couple of years. He is about as patriotic toward America as one can get. He is extremely intelligent and an all around great fellow. Below is his email and I want to thank him again for sending this to me.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

   Charles Krauthammer is shocked and dismayed that former Defense Secretary Gates would say Obama sent troops to Iraq to die. That he, Obama, wanted nothing to do with the Bush Iraq War. But the senior military wanted, what was called at the time, a military serge. The war in Iraq was politicized by Obama. So was the war in Afghanistan for that matter.

    Obama’s first order of interest is his re-election, second, Saving Obama Care, then the election of 2014 and forth the election of 2016.

    Mr. Krauthammer I have a news flash for you, He also sent our patriot troops to die in Afghanistan. When SEAL Team #6 killed Bin Laden, this pissed off the Arab world. Who told the world it was SEAL Team #6? That was a Top Secret. Yes, you remember it was Obama. Then he turned the team over to President Karzai. Karzai sent them on a mission that was a trap and they were all killed. Who did that? OBAMA that’s who. Obama and Karzai wanted accolades from the Arab world. So after that the Arab Spring Offensive started in the Middle East. Obama and Hillary then orchestrated the over throw of Libya and Egypt for the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Obama’s fellow Democrats in the Congress are cut from the same cloth. They gutted national security, because that doesn’t get them any votes. They get votes by buying them with something for nothing government programs. Do those in the Congress care about the well being of our men and women in uniform? No, In fact if they get killed, these patriots won’t be voting against Democratic candidates. The only dead people that still vote in this country are in Chicago.

    During the Vietnam War the men came back dejected because they had sacrificed but did not win the war. These last two war’s in the Middle East are being allowed to take a winning situation, won by brave patriots and having that victory destroyed by Obama. This is the penalty, he has come up with, to discourage patriotism and military service.



Defiance, Ohio