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Are the donkey’s hypocrite’s?

A story this morning on Fox News caught my attention. The content of the story was further proof that Barack Obama is not just a liar, but he is now wearing the crown for being the king of all hypocrites as well. However, the hypocrisy doesn’t end with Obama, it is rampant across the entire Democrat Party.

To my Democrat, LGBT supporting friend in San Francisco;

We have enjoyed five years of sparring over politics on Facebook. Of course the principle topics of many of these sparring sessions have involved Barack Obama, Koch Brothers, George Soros, LGBT issues, capitalism vs. socialism, freedom of speech issues and much more. Due to recent events that have transpired, I have decided to turn to this format to finally “ice the cake” and prove without a shadow of doubt that Obama and the Democrats are in fact liars and hypocrites. Once I have completed this, I expect you to post a picture of your new voter card online with it reflecting that you have transferred your flag from the Democrat camp to the Republican camp. I also expect to see proof that you have donated to the Tea Party of your choosing.

Gay Rights tolerance versus Free Speech;

As we witnessed with Chick-Fil-A, the hypocrisy of the leftist organizations such as GLAAD knows no bounds. You and the left are so proud to use the constitution to protect your rights to stand in the middle of the street in New York City and protest (more about these protest later) the corruption on Wall Street, but your unwilling to allow Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) and Chick-Fil-A too express their viewpoints. The fact is this, the moment anyone expresses an opinion that is counter to your opinion, the left attacks and hurls insults at the right for being “intolerant, bigots, racist” and many more high-octane and derogatory terms. In other words, we are allowed to have opinions as long as they agree with your opinions. The moment we disagree with you, it is time to slam the door by whipping out the “bigot hammer”.

The same has held true for the past five years with Barack Obama. The moment anyone dared to tread into disagreement land with you or any leftist on the topic of Obama, we are labeled as racist. Why?

Why can’t I say the same for you if you disagree with me for being a white, heterosexual? Why are you not a racist bigot? Why is it only I that is the racist bigot?

Lies, Lies and More Lies on the Middle East;

Oh the pain of it all. According to my lefty friends, George W. Bush started two wars to line the pockets of the rich oil men. He sent 4000 plus men to their deaths for cash for Cheney and Halliburton. This is what we were told, remember? The fact is this my lefty friend. Barack Obama campaigned on (I can still hear the words echoing in my head) “I will close Guantanamo Bay just after I am inaugurated as President, I will bring our boys and girls home from these awful wars” and then it got deeper from there. Here is the truth!

Barack Obama claimed the wars were being put on the nation’s credit card. Let’s discuss this so-called credit card. Do you really want to discuss deficit spending and try to defend Barack Obama? (2010 article and Obama had already surpassed Bush by then on war spending) This man has more than doubled our nations debt in five short years. Where Bush was trying to kill bad guys that harmed America, this fellow is spending money on wind farms for friends in California. His “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT” changes have run up our deaths dramatically in Afghanistan and Iraq. I hyperlinked an OLD article to prove the point of just how large the discrepancies are between Bush and Obama on allowing our boys and girls to be murdered for no apparent reason. Obama had nearly doubled the amounts of our fallen soldiers in his first 18 months of being President. NOT A WORD is said about this. The left protest in front of Bush’s ranch home in Crawford, while Obama gets many more killed in 18 months and not one word. Can we say HYPOCRITE and LIAR? PS; Guantanamo Bay is still open by the way or do you need a hyperlink story to verify that also?

Koch Brothers versus George Soros;

For 5 long years I have heard a thousand times how evil the Koch Brothers are and how much they spend on elections. The poor Democrats just cannot compete with these Satanic brothers and their vast oil empire. Here is another article contrasting the spending between George Soros (the supreme Marxist billionaire whom on has repeatedly stated he will destroy American capitalism) and the Koch Brothers. The interesting thing is that they both are relatively close in their support for 527’s (Super-PAC’s). Over a ten-year period, there really isn’t much of a difference. However, when you get to the activism part of the political game, the stakes change dramatically. George Soros investing in elections via the über leftist organization known as the rules changed. George Soros has spent hundred of millions unseating incumbents and swaying American politics. In totality the fact is this. George Soros hates America and not a word is said. The Koch Brothers cherish freedom, liberty and capitalism and are bashed for it. Soros has outspent the Koch Brothers more than two to one in an attempt to purchase liberal politicians in his effort to collapse the dollar and capitalism. Again; MORE HYPOCRISY AND MORE LIES FROM THE LEFT!

The Last Great Lie about Obama;

Barack Obama loves the middle class and will make the rich PAY their fare share! This is the biggest, furriest, blackest lie of them all. This president has managed to sell this bill of goods to the American people and you on the left have believed this crock of crap. This will be short and sweet. Under George W. Bush the top 1% of the income earners, earned 65% of the wealth in America. Under Barack Obama, that has changed dramatically. That number has risen by 121%. In other words my leftist liberal friends, YOUR GUY HAS MADE THE RICH FAR RICHER BY STRIPPING MONEY FROM THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THE POOR! So much for HOPE AND CHANGE!

The Republicans at this time would welcome your transference of loyalty to America, the Constitution, Liberty, Freedom and all things conservative. It is o.k. to make mistakes in life my friends. Now that you see the light, we would love to have you jump aboard the Liberty Train. Welcome Aboard!

Darn it, I knew I forgot something! YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOCTOR AND INSURANCE IF YOU LIKE THEM! Oh wait a minute, he didn’t say that, he told us he didn’t, remember?