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Elaine Hays is turning up the heat on Incumbent

 There are times in life when everyone wishes they were a fly on the wall in a room. Wouldn’t you love to be hearing some of the conversations transpiring across America emanating from campaign headquarters?


Incumbent Republican; But darn it Joe (Campaign Manager), I have been doing my job. I vote on bills, I attend parades and county fairs and have even held 3 town halls this term. Why is the *$#@*+* Tea Party after me?

I am pretty sure these are the types of conversations being held across the nation. I would bet my bottom dollar, this line of talk has been very prevalent in North Texas at the Congressman Mac Thornberry camp. The young upstart financial planner (Elaine Hays) from Amarillo has without question turned her heat from warm to broil in this congressional primary showdown oven. I would also bet that Thornberry has been purchasing Rolaids by the box in lieu of the roll. Hays with the assistance of a couple of old sage campaign wizards has managed to raise some pretty hefty campaign funds and the Hays team is poised to mount a very serious challenge and knock off an incumbent vanilla status quo congressman.

Down in Dallas, we have the Tea Party celebrity face of Katrina Pierson mounting a very serious challenge for Congressman Pete Sessions seat. She too is raising money at an alarming rate ( if your Sessions ) and will no doubt have a huge army of supporters after the first of the year for her ground game.

Of course we are all now familiar with South Carolina and the Graham (err Lindsey’s Waterloo) race. Senator Graham has managed to fall into the Senator John McCain kool-aid bowl and fell prey to the dreaded disease of RINOISM. Graham is fighting for his political life down on Gamecock lane. He has several very viable challengers and a few of them have managed to garner some very serious funding for their challenges to his seat.

These are but a few of the heated contest about to unfold across America.

I am writing this today for a couple of purposes.

1. Tea Party you’re winning! Whether you realize it or not, you are, or you’re at least scaring the crap out of many establishment politico’s. Over the past 5 years, the Tea Party has managed to motivate grassroots America. You have motivated them to the point that some very fine folks have stepped forward and decided “something had to be done” and they tossed their hats in the arena to grasp that brass ring and try to make it happen. Through thousands of rallies, hundreds of formal protest, many victories (IE; The Scott Walker victory in Wisconsin) you have given hope to middle America that this country can be saved and returned to glory.

2. The second reason I am writing this message today is this. Now we have the GOP establishment on the run in many races. We managed to send Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and many more to D.C., we must send them support and more help. It is time to turn up the heat!

Turning up the Heat;

If you’re Tea Party you probably already know this. If you’re not and you are sick and tired of lying status quo politicians and want to make a difference then pay attention. You first need to know “whom to support”. You can start by joining ( ). Once there, join your state hub. On the site is a vetting section where the conservative candidates have filled out vetting forms to give you a better idea of whom to support and who the Tea Party will be supporting.

Now its time to get involved!

Get involved with the local Tea Party. You can find many of them through the website Tea Party Community. Once you have done this, then volunteer for the candidates you have selected. Give up a couple of Saturday’s a month to participate. Get out and campaign. Tea Party; we simply cannot let up the pressure. Speaker John Boehner is on his heels now! Even the once tough talking son of a bar owner is now embroiled in a primary. If you’re in North Texas, contact the Elaine Hays campaign and start helping out. Personally, I am willing to sweep floors, make coffee, work a phone bank, put out yard signs, donate money and shake hands. Whatever is necessary is what we must do.

If you for a moment don’t think or believe we are making a difference, then ask yourself this; If Boehner wasn’t afraid, do you truly believe he would not have brought the Immigration Bill to the floor of the House for a vote? He knows the power we have amassed and he knows he is in trouble. The GOP knows, this is why they are attacking. We are rocking their establishment boat, it is time we finish sinking it for good!

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