Cartoon Image of Obamacare

Pretty bitter pill to swallow

Remember the story of the two little boys? One boy went to a room full of toys and after a period of time, he came out of the room bored, spoiled and disgruntled. The second boy they put in a room full of horse apples (horse poo) and this little boy was elated. After a short while, they asked him why are you so happy? His response was a very gleeful- if there is this much horse crap in here, there has to be a pony someplace!

Like most of you, I have been traumatized by this President. I have watched this moron make very feeble attempts at starting race riots, drive businesses out of business, run taxes up, shut down an economic recovery, demoralize our military and the list goes on and on.

Unlike many of you; today I am giddy with what the future holds for America. Allow me to explain~

Up until just a few short days ago, I was feeling as though all hope was lost. NOT ANYMORE! Today I am ecstatic with a very bright future and I am even more elated over the fact that the Democrat Party has officially begun self imploding and is eating its young.

Barack Obama’s handling of the economy handed him by President Bush has been so poorly managed, we are still stagnate over 6 years later. Today it is his economy and owns it. Hundreds of thousands of students have graduated college and are still at home in the parents basements largely because of a flailing president with very bad economic advice and socialist advisors. And now to ice the cake for the demise of the Democrat Party, we have the Obamacare implementation or lack there of.

This websites total meltdown is so bad it has made world headlines. The waste involved with the construction of the website rivals that of the bankruptcy of Detroit and General Motors combined,

in terms of publicity. Between the cronyism, corruption and the driving of the ideology behind Obamacare, it has left a bad taste in every Americans mouth except possibly Barney Frank and Monica Lewinsky.

The Obamacare fiasco is driving physicians to post advertisements in local newspapers across America announcing their retirements which is further driving the anger of the American people. The news everyday is bringing us more stories of people losing their coverage and the anger over losing the relationship that patients and doctors have had for decades in some cases.

On top of everything else involving Obamacare, we find that the website leaks and is more porous than the Titanic and virtually none of our private information is safe from hackers. This is most assuredly garnering new enrollees at record numbers.

The crown in Barack Obama’s achievements as president has been nothing more than a replay of watching the old news footage of the German zeppelin Hindenburg go down in flames every night when we watch the news. As President Carter is remembered for people fighting at gas stations and hostages being marched in blindfolds, Obama will be remembered by a smiling girl on a website that could not be operated properly. As Reagan is remembered directing the Soviet Premier to tear down a wall, Obama will be long remembered lying to the American people about being able to keep their doctor and insurance.

There is now precious little doubt that Obamacare is in fact imploding and with it go the failed dreams of “HOPE AND CHANGE”. The sad reality for the Democrats is that Hillary will not be able to rekindle the magic from the most perfect lying machine since Satan himself.  The Democrat’s pinned all their dreams of socialism on one chief executive liar and a room full of Indian computer programmers to achieve their dreams of a government utopia. A Canadian Company (relative of Valerie Jarrett) has walked away with hundreds of millions of American tax dollars and Obama’s presidential legacy.

Someone needs to find that little boy in the room full of horse apples and tell him we found the pony. The Democrats are finished for at least two maybe three election cycles and this is a good thing. What a country!