Image of Prepper's in gas mask.

Preparing for Doomsday?

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend whereupon you wanted to scream; shut up and listen my ears are hurting? Last night beginning at 8:15 central time, the saga began. I began to hear about our tyrannical government and how it was taking over the people of

America. I began hearing about our water, our electrical grids, our computers, television, cell phones and even carrier pigeons were being corrupted and taken over. By 12:30 AM this morning, I heard a litany of conspiracy theories on everything from giant panels in Alaska to the Bilderberg Group and more. I had been “taught” about how China was taking over America, the government was going to SWAT every house in America for guns and the United Nations soldiers were going to seize our streets and martial law implemented.

Allow me to preface the below with saying this. My friend and I do consider him a friend is actually very knowledgeable in many areas. His passion for America is unprecedented and his loyalty to his fellow citizens of North Carolina is unwavering. He is a Christian and his love for family and friends is something we could all learn from. He is the epitome of a patriot in many areas not just being an American citizen. With that said; “hat’s off to my friend down in the Tar Heel state”. You are a hero in my eyes!

To hear a “PREPPER” talk about America, one would think that any day we are going to see tanks rolling down our streets. On a serious note, from what I can glean from the Prepper movement, this is what they fear.

1. Obviously “nuclear war” would be at the top of the list.

2. Economic meltdown where upon our currency now holds no value and a loaf of bread if you can find one will cost you $125. You get the idea, “hyper-inflation” at its worst case scenario.

3. Electrical grids and water has been sabotaged and Americans are wondering the streets and plains of our nation in search of food and starving to death.

4. The government take-over of its citizens banning all weapons and the tyranny that ensues when this sort of thing happens. In other words Barack Obama opens the gates and instructs the U.N. troops to begin house to house searches and it is o.k. to gun down citizens to take their firearms. Obviously mass chaos follows and a total breakdown in society occurs.

The above seems to be the general scenario I can glean from my conversations with Prepper’s.

If you happen to get caught up in one of these conversations, let me assure you, you will not alter their mental processing one iota. I will attempt to alleviate some of your fears you might be hearing about the imminent demise of the United States of America.

Yes, there is little question that many countries hold a massive amount of our debt. Between China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and other nations, these countries hold trillions in United States debt. Because of this debt, the last thing China wants is for the U. S. economy to collapse. If it does or did, then China is holding the bag for trillions in unpaid bonds. Think of it in terms of you not paying your car payment. The bank shows up to repossess your car and your car is sitting in the driveway all dented up, broken windshield and a the motor out of it. The bank now has nothing worthy of collateralizing that debt. This is what would happen to China. Remember when Donald Trump was on the verge of bankruptcy many years ago. This guy owned so much real-estate that Chase Manhattan Bank had to loan him more money to keep him afloat. If they had let him go bankrupt he would have very nearly taken the bank down with him. Same thing here!

The Prepper’s say that China will come take over America. Not a chance. How many troops would it take to do this? Millions upon millions is the answer. How do you plan on transporting 10,000,000 troops to America and do so un-detected? And why would China want to do that anyway? They would lose millions because everybody in America owns a gun. On that note, lets discuss Barack Obama sending out the FEMA troops which the Prepper’s like to discuss. Does anyone think that 20,000 FEMA troops is going to make a difference? Who would Obama get to do this? Our military? Again, no way! Our boys and girls know the Constitution, the Sheriffs know the Constitution as do most if not all of the Police Officers. Barry himself cannot get off the golf course long enough to do it either.

The Latter Day Saint’s (Mormons) teach their flock to be prepared with a years supply of food. I am not saying that being prepared is not a good idea. Actually, I personally believe it is a good idea. However, what I am saying is this. We purport to be Christians. Then let’s place our faith in God and truly trust him. Many live in apartments, you simply cannot grow gardens and build a bunker shelter as many Prepper’s can. What I am saying is this.

Place your faith in God and truly trust him. Jesus said in the Bible;  “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not more value than they?”

In the end Patriot’s; God is not finished with America. He loves us all and we have hundreds of millions of Patriot’s in our land. Do you honestly believe that Democrat wants to see the destruction of our nation? Does the liberal Republican want the same?

With that said, yes, we need to replace some liberals with conservatives and that is exactly what I plan on assisting in. We have many great conservative candidates that love this nation. Once we get them elected and with who we already have in place, we can now begin making serious changes. We need to remain positive and show this positive attitude with everyone you talk with. We need to be an example to those that live in “fear”. That is no way to live and it is very stressful. Conspiracy theories have been around from the beginning of mankind. We are still investigating the theories behind the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations. We are still investigating the Oklahoma City bombings and the 9/11 attacks. Some people just enjoy a good mystery in life. I know of a lady that will swear that Elvis is flipping burgers in Minnesota. Don’t panic, America isn’t going anywhere and the people in the end do reign supreme. As Gandhi said (changed number for American population), “What do you plan on doing with 300,000,000 people who don’t want to cooperate?”. 

Remember America, we are large and in charge!