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Incredibly comfortable UGG Boots

It is no secret that has been the brunt of many rumor’s over the last several years regarding politics in general. The most popular rumor seems to be that Amazon and George Soros are somehow affiliated and are scheming to take over America and the rest of the world. The fact is, I could not find a shred of evidence anywhere on the Internet that Soros and the shopping giant are in anyway, shape or fashion affiliated.

A quick tidbit however about my personal experience with Amazon. I set up my first account at Amazon a number of years ago to order a Glenn Beck book. The book came in about 3 days or so. From then on I was hooked on Amazon. It took me all of about 5 minutes to complete my order, my email received my receipt and tracking information and presto a couple of days later the book was in the mailbox. No pain, no strain!

Many people love to hit the mall, fight the traffic and walk 7 miles to do their Christmas shopping. Sometimes, I do have to admit that I enjoy the festivities at the mall as well. However; 99% of the time, I can do without fighting holiday traffic and getting run down by ladies with shopping carts and the deer in the headlight look on their faces.

Amazon for those of you that are interested does have hundreds of thousands of products. You can literally spend days browsing on line for anything from dust mops to diamond rings. You might check into their; Black Friday Week Sale that starts tomorrow. They are running sales on everything they carry including 30% off computers, laptops, X games and the whole clothing lineup.

I realize this seems like a cheesy infomercial for Amazon. I did not want it to seem that way, but the fact is this. I am a guy, I hate mall traffic and thought if I could provide a service to my guy patriots out there, I would. Don’t be afraid to go online fellows. You can type anything in the search bar, Amazon will probably have it. If you want to get your bride a gift she will love you for, get her some UGGS BOOTS. I bought my wife a pair of these things years ago. They still look new, they are incredibly well built, and super light and you can where them on your next trip to the Arctic circle. She will hug and kiss you like you wouldn’t believe. Women wear these things for house slippers also. The sheep skin is real as they are made in Australia with New Zealand wool.

That is my one shopping tip of the year for you. Click on any of the Amazon ads in the side bar, cruise over and snoop around, you will be glad you did.

Merry Christmas early and happy hunting!