Image of a TA Truck Stop

Good food and friendly folks. Stop and visit with them!

If I were a sitting United States Congressman or Senator, I would be phoning my stock broker and making sure I had a financial backup plan. In case anyone is the least bit curious about the state of job security for these gentlemen and women legislators, stop in a small town café or a truck-stop. When you get there, take a seat at the counter where most of the chatter is transpiring. If you want a true status of the state of these incumbents campaigns, simply ask “how are you doing“? The responses you get will stun you. I can go no-where in America where there is not pain.

In the past few months, I have done this very thing. I have stopped in truck stops from the Mid-West to the East Coast. I have stopped in small town cafe’s and visited with waitresses, farm owners, tractor supply store folks and barbers. I have visited with small business owners and even a few corporate big wigs. Let me assure each of you of few truths floating across the fruited plain.

Truth number 1:  I know of only 1 or 2 folks out of hundreds and hundreds that approve of the current situation in Washington.

Truth number 2:  America passed angry about 3 years ago. America has now entered the “I want their collective heads on platters” stage of emotion.

Truth number 3:  2014 has all the earmarks of going down in history as the bloodiest political season in the history of America for incumbents.

Truth number 4:  Barack Obama it seems, has managed to destroy the political future of anyone associated with him and most likely the entire Democrat Party.

In case you’re still curious, allow me to give both parties a couple of key analytics for what is about to happen. You may deny the following all you want, but believe this much. IT IS REALITY AND IF YOUR A DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN YOUR IN DEEP TROUBLE!

1. The Tea Party will be playing a huge role in the mid-terms. Between enrolled Tea Party members and those that vote and sympathize with our cause, the voting power is in the area of 60,000,000 votes. Take heed establishment, they are coming and they are not happy.

2. America collectively has now crossed into the Coup de Tat mindset. No they don’t want a blood-letting rebellion, but they do want Washington stood on its head and turned upside down. They want most if not all of the elected officials replaced with people who actually love America and are not wanting to serve in order to line their pockets and make rules they themselves are not willing to live by.

3. The American voter is not just angry at a particular party. They are angry with the status quo in Washington. They are tired of the lies, deceit, cheating and unethical behavior of our elected officials.

To give you a quick overview of just how bad this is. Take a look at your own districts where you reside. Is the incumbent being forced to survive a primary? Districts and States where normally solid political figures such as Lindsey Graham of South Carolina are now being forced to do battle in a primary. Congressman Pete Sessions from the Dallas area, is now going to be forced to contend with a fire-breathing Tea Party leader by the name of Katrina Pierson. Normally this would be a cake-walk for Sessions, not this time. Katrina is the head of a very large Tea Party in the area with six digits worth of membership. When you consider her built-in volunteer base and voting base, this is going to prove to be a very large problem for Sessions. I am not prepared to say he will lose, but he is going to get shell-shocked at the least.

All across America, this is now the case. Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky is locked in a primary battle now. Senator Kay Hagen in North Carolina whom many thought was untouchable is now being touched and her polling numbers show her getting clobbered by anyone up to and including Mickey Mouse if he ran. And every day that goes by, we have more people entering races that 5 years ago would have never considered becoming political.

The Republican Party needs to get a dose of reality and do so quickly. The GOP needs to realize that America is still “Center/Right” in many respects. This means (Yes, I am speaking to you GOP), America doesn’t want spineless politicians. We want tough and we want men and women of principle!

Hopefully this mid-term will send this message to the GOP establishment that they had better think twice about running Governor Chris Christie up the flag-pole. The same applies for former Governor Jeb Bush. America doesn’t want moderates, they want John Wayne. America is sick of being abused by this President and his clones. America is beyond angry and the establishment needs to realize this. Stop pandering to the spineless Republicans or so-called Republicans. You had better start courting the Tea Party and you had better do so very quickly.

No; I am not prepared to give you any predictions other than to say this. We will see many incumbents replaced by political neophytes. We will see the Democrat Party decimated in 2014. We will see a political blood bath that might very well top 2010. Saddle up America, this is going to get fun. I wonder which course the President will be playing golf at on Election Day 2014?