Image of Ross Perot

Ross Perot formed the Reform Party

Many patriots have asked the question; could the Tea Party form a third-party that is actually viable in American politics as we know it? To answer this question accurately, we must first ask ourselves a couple of follow-up questions, then digress back to the originating question.

1. Knowing that Tea Party voters comprise several major voting bloc’s, would the numbers actually be enough to be a viable force in American politics as a third-party?

2. How could the fledgling third-party be funded to the degree necessary to be truly viable?

3. Knowing that the bulk of the funding necessary to finance the third-party would come from major corporate giants such as Warren Buffet, Sheldon Adelson and many more. What sort of candidates are needed to garner these individuals attention?

It has long been said that America lies in the political realm of “Center Right” in our overall political belief’s. <————–/-/—————->  2nd slash mark would be where the nation is politically speaking in an overall sense.

It is no secret that the Tea Party in a political sense would fall to the far right on the above graph. It is estimated that due to our makeup internally, we would comprise about (give or take) 20% of the right part of the graph. With this said; it would take a candidate that can appeal to the center and center right in order to garner enough votes to win in a general election. There in lies the problem with the Tea Party forming a third-party that is viable.

I called a good friend of mine recently and inquired about this theory of forming a third-party. This particularly gentleman is nationally renowned when it comes to political strategy. There is honestly nobody more adept at calculating politics than this fellow. My question was pretty simple. Is it possible for the Tea Party to form a viable third-party that could be competitive on a national scale and on a regular basis? His answer was equally simple. How many billions are you prepared to put up to accomplish this? 

Lest we forget that the Dallas, Texas Billionaire H. Ross Perot tried in vain to form a third-party back in the 90’s. His “Reform Party” never left home-plate, let alone first base. This after he tossed out (what some say) was around $100 million of his own money at the failed attempt. Keep in mind that his Reform Party was composed of almost the exact same make-up that comprises the Tea Party today. His constituency was Fiscal Conservatives, Christian Conservatives (the old Moral Majority from the 80’s), Social Conservatives and very conservative Democrats.  

The fact is this America; to have a viable party we must garner about 40% of the registered voters. Much like the Republican Party and Democrat Party has today. We know we won’t get any Democrats that would be willing to register, then vote for the Tea Party. We know we won’t garner any of the Green Party and precious little of the Libertarians and Independents. We are locked in at 15-20% of the far right point on the spectrum, politically speaking.

To me personally, I think the possibility of the Tea Party being able to find enough quality candidates that appeal to a broader spectrum of the voting bloc is unlikely at this time. To find investors willing to pour billions into this process along with the marketing of the Party (to give us a more appealing public image) is equally unlikely. The bottom line is this in my opinion. The Tea Party at present is a tarnished nameplate in many respects. For that matter so is the Republican Party. We would have to accomplish some very serious political savvy and do so quickly. We would have to convince candidates that are actually viable to jump ship and join us. After all the above, then we have to hire a Madison Avenue marketing firm and invest billions into a public image makeover.

To further argue my point, this is what I believe needs to happen. We need to find an investor that is willing to invest somewhere between $5-10 million dollars into the party for the following activities.

1. Create a centralized gathering point such as and ramp it up to handle large volumes of members.

2. Begin running a national marketing campaign to bring in the conservatives in mass quantity.

3. Once the members arrive they are logged into their respective states of residency and are greeted by a paid director of that state. This is the person that will be in charge of that states tea party activities.

4. Once 10 million members or so is achieved, we begin working Capitol Hill.

This is the process where we will accomplish our goals. Remembering what our goals were some 5 years ago, this is how we accomplish those goals. Our lobbying team will work Capitol Hill with the reality that we have some 10 million and growing daily of voting and hard-working ground forces. Imagine being John Boehner for a moment. Speaker Boehner is sitting in his office and this very eloquent team walks in. They flip open a lap top computer and show the Speaker that in his district alone, we have some 86,000 members that are prepared to work every Saturday and Sunday to unseat him. His primary opposition is being nearly totally funded by a national organization known as Tea Party Community. I am only using TPC as an example, the concept is what I am trying to convey here. The Speaker is now shaken to his political core. He will acquiesce to our demands because he has no other options.

This is how we change Washington! This is the most cost-effective way and will gel the Republican Party because they have no choice. They will now realize they cannot win without us and they will be forced into adhering to our desires. If they don’t, they lose, it is that simple.

I would recommend that the Tea Party seriously think about this approach. We must be organized very tightly and we must work together as a group. If we do, we win. If we don’t, we continue with the chaos that cost us so greatly in 2012. Through this process, we can control whom our candidates are, we can control to a large degree the legislation that is put forth and we can prevail as a conservative force on Capitol Hill.

In closing; we must begin applying political reality and applying political science to our desires. We can no longer afford to put up some candidates that are unelectable just because we approve ideologically with them. There will be times when we must support a moderate simply because they are the only ones that can be elected. I can hear the shrieks now, but that is political reality. I dare you to try to get a hard-core Tea Party Representative elected in Brooklyn, New York or San Francisco. Again; keep in mind that once that candidate gets to the Hill, we will be a very large determining factor in their career. In other words, they will be forced back to the right because they know that their political fate is in our hands. As the old saying goes, work smarter not harder.