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Tea Party all dressed up about to spread the word.

The debate still rages within the ranks of the Tea Party faithful. On a personal level; yes, I have been involved in many of these debates. The question is pretty simple; was the Tea Party responsible for Governor Mitt Romney losing to President Barack Obama? After much reflection, research and personal polling with associates, friends and flag waving patriots, I have come to the conclusion that most likely “YES” would be the answer. I fully expect the screams to begin at this point. In fact, I welcome those screeches and the caterwauling. The fact is this, the Tea Party re-elected Barack Obama. While you’re all out protesting just how bad this president is for America-while doing so-take a hard look in the mirror. It was you, the ever faithful patriot that gave him four more years of the jet setting lifestyle and enjoying all that golf. It was you that provided America with all of the blown foreign policy and the incredible numbers of folks receiving food stamps. And it was you the flag waving patriot that gave us four more years of an economy that might very well end in a depression.

I am not in any way trying to attack or denigrate the Tea Party! What I am attempting to do is cause us to both reflect on our loss and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Let us take Florida as a good example to prove my point. Florida’s election results looked something like this. Barack Obama garnered some 4.23 million votes, while Romney captured 4.16 million votes. This was done with Obama grabbing a few dead people and Julio voting twice. We all know this. But the fact is also that if you took those 29 electoral votes and added them to Romney and subtracted them from Obama, now all of a sudden you have a very close race. The race in Florida was only around 80,000 votes and that includes the fraud. Florida currently has around 150 Tea Parties. At Tea Party, there are dozens of the major Tea Parties listed, with some of them having membership in the tens of thousands.  I realize that I am arguing something that cannot be proven one way or the other. But when I look at Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin knowing just how many Tea Parties we have in these states and the slim margins that Romney lost these states by, I am forced to wonder. Those three states would have been the difference in victory.

The reason I am revisiting this issue is because I see the same thing happening in 14. I am hearing the same wash and rinse (then repeat process) as I heard in 12 with the Presidential election. I don’t like that candidate because they aren’t “Tea Party enough” or she isn’t conservative enough and he doesn’t belong to the Lutheran church. The same old ideological viewpoints that cost’s us the Presidential election will doom our chances of victory in 14 if we so arrogantly approach this election in the same manner.

Attention Tea Party!

Allow me to assist you in your ideological viewpoints for a few moments. Again; feel free to curse me and scream at me if you like, but this is reality, not opinion.

The fact is this; there are more Democrats than Republicans! The Tea Party Patriots for instance claim to have some 15 million members. I question that, but lets run with those numbers for a moment. Historically, only about 10-15% of the memberships of any groups are very active. Lets be conservative for a moment and assume that 10 million of those members are not trolls and people who joined on the computer to actually not just “check it out” and do actually pay attention. Of those 10 million only about 900,000 would actually get out across America and attend regular events and be active for candidates. You may debate this all you like, but those are facts that go way back in history. Only 9-10% fought for our Independence from Great Britain. Most people are apathetic and we all know this. That is just human nature. As a side note, that goes back to my original arguments above. To many of the Tea Party members said I will not vote for Romney for this reason or that reason, then many just stayed home in protest all together. And that is what I am trying desperately to prevent this go round.

We must learn a couple of key lessons from 2012 my fellow patriots. The first being, the Democrats are in fact a majority. Of that there is zero doubt and it is a mathematical fact.

So how do we on the right win?

Many in the Tea Party have said; let’s go start our own party. During President Clinton’s elections a little fellow from Texas attempted that. In fact he spoke much like that of the Tea Party today. He spoke of fiscal discipline, forcing companies to come back from over seas, strong military and defending our borders. In fact Mr. Ross Perot of Dallas, Texas could very well have been the first Tea Party spokesperson. He also spent some $50,000,000 of his own money to promote his third-party. He was slaughtered at the ballot box. Ross Perot spent tens of millions of dollars forming theReform Party of America”. Exactly what we today are very loosely trying to do.

Even in today’s climate, I personally do not think it is possible to form a third and win with it. At least not a continuing national scale. You might pick off a couple of seats here and there, but certainly not enough to create a long-standing difference.

We must first come to the realization that the Democrats will always be the Democrats. People of that mentality and sociological belief system will not usually change. They have to be taught. To teach 10% of some 70,000,000 voters, you’re talking about investing billions upon billions of dollars to bring them over to our way of thinking.

What we in the Tea Party must do is put our own vanity on the back burner and work with the GOP. We must unite at the grassroots level and realize that we are not always going to get the exact candidate we want on this election cycle. We must learn to pick our battles and be careful about doing so. Governor Mitt Romney should have defeated Barack Obama. He would have had it not been for our own arrogance and ideology. The Christian Coalition portion of the Tea Party was screaming ” I can’t, nor will I vote for a cult member”! My response has been; o.k., so you would rather have a Muslim Marxist that hates America, in lieu of a Mormon that loves America? And yes, we had millions sit out of the election for this very insane notion of nobility and righteous indignation. It was totally ludicrous.

If we did not want Mitt Romney, we should have united in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. But once he was the nominee, we should have supported that nominee. That is my point America. Join a social community and start talking. Join an online community and start blogging and talking about this. But once those Republicans are in fact nominated through our Constitutional primary process, we must support them. We need to be working the streets, knocking on doors and passing out brochures.

The Democrats spent 50 years getting to this point. WE need to realize it will be several election cycles before we garner back respect and loyalty of some of the right and part of the left. Be patient, be steadfast, don’t give up and above all else; STICK TOGETHER!