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Community Organizer cramming for Final Exam.

In August of 2012; Barack Obama attempting to pull a Colonel William Barrett Travis (at the Alamo) impersonation, pulled his sword and drew the now infamous red line in the sand. What started as a tough guy moment to show that Romney was weak on foreign policy very nearly caused World War III. Barack Obama drew the red line during the white-hot campaign season to show that he was John Wayne. He was the Duke and Romney was nothing more than a foreign policy flunky marshmallow-sissy from Massachusetts. He was the tough guy on the block from the streets of Chicago and Romney was the rich kid from the private school, wearing the knickers with the chauffeur driven car. Obama had his 15 minutes of being tough on WMD and issuing threats to a third world dictator. The problem with threatening is that sometimes you have to back it up. The problem with threatening a weaker kid is that sometimes that kid has a best friend who is much taller, much heavier, has a bad attitude and the muscles to pound sand in your ears. And Basher Al-Assad (President of Syria) had Vladimir Putin!

Barack Obama will no doubt over the next several weeks, tell America how wonderful and ingenious his foreign policy team is. He will tell America of how he instilled fear into the hearts and minds of Al-Assad. He will tell everyone how he worked tirelessly from the 9th green (while putting) and how many cell phone calls he made to stop this near disaster. Brian Williams from NBC will explain to us of the heroic work that Secretary of State John Kerry performed with tired eyes and suffering from sleep deprivation. Yes indeed; America will hear of the extraordinary efforts performed by the talents of Susan Rice, Kerry, BO (the White House K-9) and Dennis Rodman. No wait-Rodman is the one making us best friends with North Korea. You get the idea though. Everyone performed for the good of mankind though. We will no doubt even hear of how Old Joe Biden snuck out-of-town in the middle of the night to do shuttle diplomacy with Putin, Assad and Israel all the while instructing America’s women on how to use shotguns at NRA firearms training clinics. I’m almost positive there will even be a story or two of how Hillary jumped in at the last moment. Bill and Hillary no doubt had something to do with this to give her some street cred for her upcoming campaign.

The next two weeks will be something that would make Madison Avenues marketing teams proud and we might even find out that one or two of them are on the temporary White House payroll for this push.

The only problem with all the above is that none of it is true. The truth be known, this is more of what actually happened with the latest foreign policy meltdown by the International Bench Warming staff currently occupying the White House.

Obama has actually had a campaign going in the Middle East now for several years backing anything and everything to do with the Muslim Brotherhood. The countries of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and many more have fallen prey to the Brotherhood. Longtime allies have been taken down to make way for the expansion of the Brotherhood’s ideals and goals. This in and of itself should be a long pause and cause for alarm. Why is a United States President so willing to involve himself and America in a movement being perpetuated by a group of Sharia Law thugs and terrorist hell bent on taking over the entire Middle East? That’s probably left to another article and blog, but the fact is; Obama propped up and armed Al Qaeda in Libya. He took down Mubarak in Egypt (a 30 year ally) on only the second or third day of the original Egyptian uprisings. The rest is history, but you get the idea. Why?

And now we have the Syrian catastrophe! 

Why is Barack Obama arming, aiding and abetting Syrian rebels to take down Al-Assad? The United States government knows full well who is behind the Rebel lineup. They know full well that the rebels are comprised mostly of Muslim Brotherhood supported terrorist from Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda and many more terrorist groups. Why is Barack Obama willing to deal with and support a group of terrorist over a President with a cabinet and semi-intellectual people? You can in the end at least talk with the current leadership of Syria. You cannot talk and negotiate with someone willing to kill you and eat your damned heart and liver! Which is exactly whom the President is backing in this civil war in Syria

Bashar Al-Assad is fighting to retain control of his nation. The heart eating terrorist want control. The United States is arming and backing these cannibals and Assad is trying to win. Chemical weapons were no doubt used. Of that the world is certain. Obama jumps in and claims that Assad crossed his mythical red line. Now the race is on. Barack Obama’s chest thumping takes on a new light and he begins issuing rhetoric that the cavalry is on the way to save the children. When in reality, nothing is further from the truth. When the bully’s best friend shows up with a fleet of own warships, then Lone Ranger Barack begins to tone down the rhetoric. America almost instantly changes its stance from “we will punish you Assad” for using those weapons, too a more meek and mild “we will not put boots on the ground” we will only a do a very limited and tactical strike to disable his ability to use these weapons.

John Kerry has been getting trotted out to do the Congressional hearings on Capitol Hill and deliver the Potomac propaganda to the American people and the world. The Vietnam peace activist (treasonous hippy) Secretary of State has been the one getting sent out to make a fool of himself in front of the world by ratcheting down the “Oh so fiery American response) to Syria’s actions.

Side note; Keep in mind while all of this is transpiring, nearly every country on earth has condemned our actions against Syria. The American people have stated categorically to the tune of some 80% denounce this action as well. Obama at this point is very clearly becoming a most un-respected leader and that is being generous.

Finally a couple of days ago, an off the cuff remark by Kerry about (further ratcheting down) “Well if the weapons would be placed in safe hands“, maybe we will let you live type of statement hit the media. Putin of course said “hey I have an idea“! And now it seems as though, Barry has grabbed Putin’s lifeline like a drowning man (which he was) in the middle of a typhoon. It seems now that Putin is most willing to take these weapons, put them in a locked safe someplace and the world will be happy. Now what happens?

What are the strings that Putin has attached to this lifeline for Barry? Leave Assad alone? Stay out of Syria? Go home and don’t help the rebels anymore? Keep in mind that Iran is also good friends with Putin, not Obama or America. Keep in mind that Iran has not slowed its nuclear development one bit. Keep in mind that Iran has said “the minute we get a nuke, we will test it on Israel“. Keep in mind that Vladimir Putin has now made Barack Obama his punk boy.

This is the reason we need in America; somebody with a bit more savvy, experience and courage than a Chicago street thug community organizer for President of the United States.

Join with us tonight (9-10-2013) on the #NoSyriaWar #TwitterBomb to let this administration, and Congress, know we do NOT want another war!