Since nearly the beginning of America, coal has been a large part of our nations growth. As time progressed; coal became the staple for supplying energy for heating, fueling trains, power plants and industrial growth. West Virginia became one of our nations hubs for coal that supplied the young country with its fuel to grow.

Today West Virginia is under attack from the Obama regime with their all out assault on the coal industry. For generations West Virginia has been a traditional blue collar, union supporting democrat voting bloc. It is no secret that this Appalachian Mountain beauty has been in clutches of the Democrat machine for nearly 100 years. The GOP has been largely paralyzed when it came to West Virginia. Until now!

Currently West Virginia has unemployment running in the double digits. Most counties in West Virginia have an unemployment rate in excess of 10%. With the advent of Obama-Care and the EPA shuddering coal mines, it is about to become much, much worse.

Texas gave us Senator Ted Cruz. For those that are unaware of his meteoric rise to super stardom; Senator Cruz was out gunned, out financed by a 10-1 ratio in Texas by the then Lt. Governor who also sought that Senate seat. Cruz’s platform was largely Tea Party as you all know. The Tea Parties in Texas banned together and formed one of the all time great grassroots efforts in American history and defeated the Lt. Governor with the huge bankroll and the big name identification. They did it on the ground, they worked hard and they won.

Oklahoma brought almost the exact same scenario with our new Tea Party darling in Congressman Jim Bridenstine. With the help of a great grassroots campaign; motivated Tea Party faithful took out a six term sitting Republican Congressman and now we have one of the great Obama attack speeches ever given on the floor of the House.

We have in West Virginia an opportunity to flip a state from Blue to Red. We have this because, we have so many that are frustrated, angry and to be candid with you, getting hungry. They are tired of suffering with Obama’s “Hope and Change” mantra and they are fearful for the future of their economic base of coal mining. Coal mining has higher than average wages, good benefits and is a great career today. It is not like it was 50-75 years ago. West Virginia needs futuristic leaders that can offer great investment packages for major corporations to relocate to this beautiful state and employ large blocks of people. It needs representatives that can stand toe to toe in D. C. with the Bridenstine’s, the Bachmann’s and the other conservative leaders to fight for Americas survival. I believe we in the Tea Party can and will deliver this state to the Red column.

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October the 5th is going to be the start of this process. I am working with the Southern West Virginia Tea Party to produce a great event (Support the Constitution Rally) to begin this process of grassroots motivation and activation. Not only am I speaking at this event, but our favorite “NewsNinja2012” Mr. Wayne Dupree is speaking and we have even managed to garner Mr. K. Carl Smith (founder of the Frederick Douglass Movement) to come in and address and teach these patriots. For those that don’t know, K. Carl is the fellow that converted Louisiana State Senator  Elbert Guillory from Democrat to Republican. He did it by applying Frederick Douglass principles. K. Carl will have his books available at the event to autograph and sell as well.

Southern West Virginia Tea Party is also having many speakers teaching Constitutional subject matter as well the main event speakers.

The event is being held at a great old fashioned drive-in movie theater. Yes, you can drive up, break out the ice chest, eat hotdogs from the concession stand and listen to some great speakers on how to take this state and turn it red. Bring the kids and they can learn about the constitution. The event starts at 11:00 AM on October the 5th and the leaves will no doubt be changing in this picturesque setting as well. I promise you, this will be an awe inspiring and patriotic day for everyone. I am asking you all to please share this, pass it on, email it and plan to attend. We might even have a couple of surprise speakers that will light up the faces of everyone in attendance. Can’t promise you yet, but I am working on the confirmation for them now.

LASTLY; As with anything political, there are some fairly serious expenses involved here. I DO NEED YOUR HELP AMERICAN PATRIOTS. All jokes aside, I have worked tirelessly for the last 4 years on nothing but Tea Party activities. This means no regular employment other than Tea Party. If you could kindly assist me with travelling cost (this is not the only event) I would be so grateful to you. The link is safe and encrypted to donate at. I do have 4 posters remaining from a Sarah Palin event that she autographed. For a larger donation, I will have them framed for you and shipped to you. I saved them for a rainy day and it is now officially raining.   Donate Here:

I do want to personally thank each of you that works so hard to preserve and restore liberty in this great nation. Together we can do this. I believe with all my heart that we can take West Virginia by storm and I believe we can take the Senate seat in Iowa from the Democrats also. There will be many more coming soon. Lets get started and work together and snatch this great state from the Dem’s. See you in Princeton, West Virginia on the 5th of October.

God Bless each of you and May God Bless America!