President of the United States

Washington, D.C.

Mr. President;   There are two great analogies for what is happening in Syria at this moment.

Analogy #1

You are in a bar in Texas. A drunk comes up and accuses you of sleeping with his wife. He throws his beer on you and pulls out a knife and says he is going to cut you up. You’re in the corner of the bar, you have no place to run and it is apparent that you either have to fight you’re way out or you can reach into the waistband of your starched Wranglers and pull out your 9 mm handgun.

When I asked my grandfather back when I was around 18 or so; Granddad should I carry a gun? He answered with this statement. Son; if you ever pull a gun on someone, can you actually shoot them? He added; most people talk tough, but it is an entirely new game when you’re faced with actually having to shoot someone to kill them. Most people can’t do that and can get themselves in a worse pickle.  He concludes his aging wisdom with this. If you pull a gun; don’t talk anymore, don’t think anymore, just shoot them. If you don’t, you will be the one getting shot!

Analogy #2

You walk to school the same way everyday and have done so for the last 5 years. A new boy has moved into the neighborhood and is in a grade higher than you and therefor is a bit bigger. He begins to bully you on the way to school everyday and starts taking your milk money. What do you do? You actually have a couple of choices. One; you can take a different route to school, but that is very demeaning and it is 4 blocks out of the way. You can hand the bully your milk money, but now you don’t get any milk at lunch. You can stand up to the bully and risk getting your butt kicked and lastly you can run to your mother.

I personally tried a couple of these options. I ran to mom and was hideously ridiculed at school once the word got out. I tried the alternative routing, but that did not last long. Finally; I stood up to the bully, got my butt kicked. I recovered, but in the ensuing battle for the milk money, I made a fight of it and earned his respect. Now I no longer had to hide in fear and I had earned the respect of my class-mates. The black eye healed, the fat lip went down and the bruises went away. What remained was my dignity, pride and self respect.

Mr. President; This is where we are now at in terms of this stand off in Syria. At this point, it no longer matters what was said last year. You told the world that America was drawing a line in the sand. That is fine. It probably should have been said. But when you said that, you committed an entire nation and our national reputation as a nation.

We as a nation are now backed into that corner of the bar. Syrian President Assad is the drunk with the knife. He has become the bully that is taking our milk money. We have a couple of choices. To me the first one is not a choice, that being that we do nothing. The second option is sending in a few Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. This doesn’t really work either, because he will just fortify himself, weather the storm then proceed as normal for he knows we will go home.

My recommendation to the White House;

Number One; Stop talking! The more information you put out, the worse this is getting. Stop holding news conferences. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting out false flag information or not. We are playing poker here and the more that is said, the opponent is reading the vein in our neck and right now it is pulsing violently and we need to shut up.

Number two;  Send Secretary John Kerry over to talk to Vladimir Putin. While Putin might be able to kick our butts right now, he won’t. The stakes are too high and Syria isn’t worth the catastrophic losses that he would incur. Tell Putin, we are about to make Assad’s life miserable. Putin will back off and we can get our mission done.

Number three;  Go on television and explain to the American people what our policy is and isn’t. Be very clear and leave zero grey area. We are America and we stick together. We might disagree internally on issues, but when it comes to defending peoples human rights to live and not be fearful of having their children chemically attacked, we do stand tall and defend those rights. Tell the American people what we are doing, why we are doing it and ask for them to support our troops and our mission. They will! Don’t tell the American people exactly what we are doing, whether it is limited or not. Leave the world wondering. This is America, we do not need everyone’s approval to defend humanity! Just tell the citizens, we are going, we will complete our mission, bad guys won’t be gassing anyone again, then we come home.

In closing, I know I have been one of your chief critics. I have been highly critical of much of what you do for the simple fact that I am not of the liberal leaning or pathway thereof. But when it comes to America, her interest and our leadership in wartime, I always acquiesce to patriotism. Do not let fear curb your leadership ability Mr. President. The American people will rally for what is right. They always have and always will. The proof is overwhelming, now go kick ass and plant an American flag on the front yard of Assad!

In liberty and respectfully;

Ken Crow