Anyone that is friends with me on Facebook, see’s that I regularly “fight” with a group of gay activist from the San Francisco bay area. There is very seldom a day that goes by that I am not tagged in some post that is pro-Obama. Conversely I never miss an opportunity to tag those guy’s in my favorite anti-Obama post. These Facebook altercations have been transpiring now for well over four years. I suppose the principle reason I have carried on this little political tit for tat; is that I have been curious as to how long, it would take these fellows to realize that this President was so ill equipped to be President, that he never should have been elected in the first place.

I’m using my gay Facebook friends as the barometer for the rest of America, regarding Obama. To this day (and it has been well in excess of four long years), I have yet to see or read of these guy’s admitting any fault or admission of an Obama failure at any level. I once posted to one of them, you guys will give a pass to this President for the simple fact that he supports gay rights. The answer I received back was a resounding YES!

Whether I posted a Wall Street Journal, Town Hall, Breitbart, The Blaze or Los Angeles Times article that was critical of something Obama did or said, these guys would rush to the defense of the President. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, it doesn’t matter. Even though the President paid off Unions thugs with our tax payers money, it doesn’t matter. It’s gay rights to marry. It’s gay rights to be in a fox hole where the fox hole residents have to accept that you’re gay. And the list goes on. Of course while they’re berating me for being a conservative Tea Party advocate, I am also continually reminded that I am a racist, a bigot and am narrow minded. I love my country, I love my family and I love God. To them; that only proves just how inept and ignorant I am to be forced to rely on a God. It further proves my lack of intelligence in having the capacity to formulate my opinions or thoughts without divine intervention.

So why am I telling you this story? That answer will reveal itself shortly. Frank Aquila is an investigative writer/author I know from California. In fact he wrote a great book a couple of years ago entitled; Sarah Palin out of Nowhere. Frank’s investigative journalism has answered a couple of very key questions I have had. For years all we on the right have heard and complete with finger wagging in our faces was; where are the WMD’s? The left bashed Bush and the Republican’s, even in the face of overwhelming evidence and testimony that Saddam Hussein used these horrific weapons on his own people as well as Iranians. Of course we on the right knew where the weapons went. General Georges Sada (Hussein’s second in command) testified and stated that the weapons had been spirited out of Iraq just prior to the United States invasion.

Walid Shoebat is a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of the leading Peace Activist in the world. He travels extensively speaking and educating on Sharia Law, the Brotherhood and terrorist activities. In other words the guy knows what is going on and who is making it go on. He is also on the side of America and tries to help us out when he can. Walid recently revealed in a stunning expose that Malik Obama (President Obama’s brother) is not only a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but he owns a Foundation (that Barack funded) and it is tax-exempt. The tax exempt status is key because Lois Lerner (the IRS official whom abused Tea Party C-3 filings) rammed through their tax exempt status in an illegal move. The purpose according to Shoebat is to promote the Brotherhood and it’s activities.

What was the very first thing that Barack Obama did in Egypt? On the second day of the original uprisings (a couple of years ago) he sends then ace Press Secretary Robert Gibbs out for the daily briefing. Gibbs reports that the White House doesn’t know who is behind these uprisings, only that their students. An hour later Obama appears and says they are Muslim Brotherhood and America is supporting the Brotherhood to overthrow Hosni Mubarak. Keep in mind that Mubarak had been an ally of America for over 30 years and kept his agreements with Israel. He had kept peace in the region and worked with the United States. Now he is out and the Brotherhood had taken over or was in the process of taking over.

If you have not done so, you really need to read who the Muslim Brotherhood is and what their goals are. You need to read the first 3 paragraphs of the Wikipedia description and their history. The Brotherhood was formed in 1928. They gave birth to Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda. The 3 largest and deadliest terrorist organizations on planet earth and the Brotherhood not only gives birth to them, they fund them and arm them. It is all in an effort to promote Islam and Sharia Law and take control of as much territory and install Islam in as many countries as it can. This is who our President of the United States is supporting.

Libya has fallen to Hezbollah as has Lebanon. Egypt has gone down or is now in turmoil with the Brotherhood having a neck grip on the nation. Tunisia, Syria and Iraq have either fallen or are about too. Take a look at the Arab Spring map and you will be stunned. Morocco was once free and is now under the grip of these terrorist thugs. Barack Obama has made a large part of this possible through funneling money to the Brotherhood.

Section 2101 pages 64-67 of the Senate bill S-744 clearly states that if you’re an immigrant and you were guilty of child abuse, spousal abuse or multiple DUI’s, your record is to be expunged at the Department of Homeland Security. This enables you to now have a card to work. I wonder how many Americans will now claim to be immigrants. This is the new immigration bill that Obama wants for our nation. Don’t forget about the part that forces the employer (any employer with over 50 employees) to cut your hours back to 29 or they have to pay $5,000 annually for each employee. Unless of course you get rid of the American 40 hour employee and install an immigrant, then the government pays that $5,000…What is that going to do to our economy? What is this horrific new bill if it becomes law going to do the American worker? I cannot afford $5 large every year just to keep Americans when I can hire an alien and the government pay’s that bill for me. What in God’s name are these people thinking?

Our Navy is now at WWI levels in terms of ships. Our ground troops have been severely curtailed and we do not have one squadron of fighter jets today protecting our mainland here in America. They have all been grounded.

Our energy industry (specifically coal and oil) have been under attack for the past 4 plus years. Thousands upon thousands of jobs have been lost due to penciled in EPA laws pounding coal mining and usage by this President. Our electric bills have skyrocketed in most parts of the nation. Gasoline has remained in the $3-4.00 range even though we are swimming in oil. Saudi Arabia continues to strip America of hundreds of billions a year when we have a 500 year supply of oil in North Dakota alone. Why?

Let’s add this up now. We have a President that is gutting our military. We have a President that is very obviously funding the very enemy of America, not to mention arming them. We have a President that is gutting our very own energy sectors and squeezing businesses and putting them out of business. We have a President that skirts Congress at every opportunity to implement his Executive Order version of the law. We have a President that implements policies and laws the American people do not want. We have yet to discuss Iran and it’s nuclear threats or his back handing of Israel.

Through all of the evidence, we still have a lethargic America that is sitting on it’s hands and not screaming. You only have a small portion of America that is screaming and that is the Tea Party. Why? Why are Americans putting up with living on Food Stamps and watching our freedoms and liberties evaporate? What has happened to this once proud nation? What has happened to our ability to dream big and then go after and achieve those dreams?

And yet, in the face of all this evidence and much , much more, our gay friends in Frisco still proudly wave that rainbow flag with Obama’s picture on it. For them, that is all that matters. Truly; truly sad.

In the end, was it inability or is it much more sinister than that? Is Obama’s foreign policies really just ineptness or is it by design to further destroy America? In my mind,

Obama is not stupid. In my mind, I believe in my heart that this President seeks to destroy America both in reputation and economically. In my mind, Obama is the epitome of evil and is an enemy to America. Let me hear your thoughts on

this. I am truly curious.