Apparently that is what America’s allies have said in regards to Syria. President Obama has apparently decided to walk up main-street in downtown Syria with his six guns blazing and no backup from anyone including the town drunk. John Wayne would have been impressed. When you’re America and it is now very apparent that you have lost the respect of the better part of the world, Obama feels like this is the only way to regain any credibility.

Not only did his plan to spank Assad of Syria yesterday go down in flames at the British Parliament, it also went down in Germany, Italy and the bulk of the EU. Maybe, possibly, on a full moon or the next dead sea scroll popping up, France might join us. Otherwise; Obama is going to have to take that walk down main-street all by himself. Well not quite, he does have the blood of thousands and tens of thousands of America’s finest with him.

Here is the current status of Doc Barack Earp and his invasion plans;

Rumors are running rampant around the news media and Capitol Hill. He could just send in a couple of cruise missiles. He could just send in a squadron of stealth bombers and bomb who knows what. He could send in a couple of divisions of Marines, but we haven’t

even begun ramping up for that operation. He could just park a fleet off the coast and start shelling but that might be a major problem as half the Russian Navy is now parked in that parking space also in the Mediterranean Sea.

When President Obama shot his mouth off last year and drew his now infamous red line in the sand, he sealed his political doom on Syria. The problem he now faces is this. Nobody has any hard proof on “who” launched the WMD at civilians and killed some 436 children or whatever the final number was. Al Qaeda is saying Assad did it and Assad is pleading ignorance and saying Al Qaeda did it. The bottom line is that Obama pledged to get really angry and do something if WMD’s were in fact used. His policies in Egypt have been so convoluted that the world has not a clue which side of the fence this guy sits on. We are still muddling around in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and America appears to the world to be siding with God only knows who in each instance.

The bottom line is; without hard proof of who or whom launched WMD’s, nobody wants to get involved. They certainly do not want to commit their blood and treasure to a cause that has no apparent true leadership and no end to the mission. What is it exactly we are trying to do in Syria in the first place? Get rid of Assad? That is easy enough, send in a couple of good snipers with a picture of Assad on their back-pack and that problem is solved. Is our mission to install Democracy in Syria? Good luck with that one. The second string replacement players all but appear to be Al Qaeda themselves.

I think the better part of valor would have been to keep thy mouth shut Mr. President. Send some sneaky, covert spies over to Syria. Drop a message in Assad’s mailbox and tell him point blank. You need to behave yourself or we will take your stupid butt out. That simple! Send him the message that we will not play with you. If you have a civil war issue, that is your problem, but do not use WMD’s and if you do, we will simply send a cruise missile up your tail. Enough said. But Barry could not do that. He had to play John Wayne, stand on a world stage and issue a mandate that “HE”, King Barry says this. And now we see the results.

China is telling him to back off, Russia is telling him to back off, the Euro is telling him to back off, with the exception of the crepe eating French. Our own devoted and beloved brethren the British have even said, NO!

I am really curious now to see how President Jarrett err; Obama plans on getting out of this rotisserie pickle he has himself and our blood and treasure in now.