Obama not impressing Putin

Obama not impressing Putin


“Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history,” said Putin. “President Obama and his fellow Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy.” Quote by: Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2009

The truth is; I have tried to verify that quote and I have tried to discount that quote through verification. The quote is all over the Internet and as of yet, I cannot find anyplace where the source on a website can discount or claim its not authentic. As of now, I am leaning toward “Putin said it”.

Back around 2002, my daughter was attending a junior college in Arlington, Texas. She came to me and invited me to hear a guest speaker one evening. The guest speaker? It was none other than Nikita Khrushchev’s son himself. Sergei Khrushchev and it turns out he was a Professor and Senior Fellow at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Legend has it and I do remember reading this “way back when” many, many years ago of exactly “HOW” the Cuban Missile Crisis ended up concluding peacefully. The legend goes something like this. President Kennedy had not a clue of what the exact status of Russia’s missiles were in Cuba. He thought he did, the CIA thought they did, but in reality they did not. Side note; History in the last 20 years or so has in fact verified what I am relating to you; regarding those missiles. In fact; Kennedy thought the missiles had not yet been armed. He assumed that all the parts, fuel and such were not yet put into place. Kennedy and his military advisors put into place a Navy embargo complete with warships to stop any further parts, fuel or missile deliveries to Cuba. This in and off itself is grounds for war. What Kennedy did not know was in all actuality; all the Premier of Russia had to do was to order the pushing of a button and Miami or Washington, D.C. evaporates in a mushroom cloud. Yes, the Soviet Union had in fact completed the instillation and fueling of the nuclear missiles much earlier. This was verified many years later when someone at the Pentagon went back through the old U-2 photo’s with modern technology.

According to a biography of the former Soviet Dictator; apparently what happened was; this day, Khrushchev had finally had enough. He was actually ordering the firing of a missile. Cuba was blockaded and he was irate to say the least. We all know today that Kennedy was drugged up on pain killers and amphetamines as was his younger brother. This little tidbit of info has leaked out by none other than his former Doctor, White House staff and many others over the decades. In essence what we have is; a couple of wigged out leaders and a grumpy old man, holding the fate of the world in their hands.

It was at this point in time that the grandson of the Soviet Leader came running into the room. This was done at the precise moment that Nikita himself was holding the phone up to his ear and waiting for someone to answer. The youngster bounced into his grandfathers lap and smiled. It was then that the grandfather laid the phone down and said this. “This young man has not a clue what he is doing” and added; for the sake of the children, I am standing down“.  Nikita knew that Kennedy or he had just figured it out that, he (meaning Kennedy) did not understand that Russia had completed and was ready to launch. For had Kennedy known the extent of the true situation, he would not committed and made some of the advances that he did. Nikita knew this. It was actually the wisdom of an aging Soviet leader and the smile of a grandchild that averted nuclear war, not Kennedy’s toughness or naval prowess as we have been led to believe for so many decades.

As I said; I cannot verify that story. I only remember my daughter telling me that Sergei told the story to the crowd that night and I had remembered reading it someplace years earlier.

The point of the story is this. Today we have the Russians placing some 12 warships in the Mediterranean Sea. We have Obama chest thumping and drawing lines in the sand, based upon rumors about who launched nerve gas. We have a President of Russia whom very obviously has zero respect for our ideological pushing third rate leader and we are now backed into a corner. America is backed into a corner because we have amateurs at the helm of our military.

Obama is running out of time in the Middle East. Israel is constantly on edge and they won’t remain that way much longer. Egypt is blowing up and we have no idea who or what is running that show. Again because of a bunch of ideological driven leftist in the White House. Notice we haven’t heard much from Iran lately? Who wants to bet me that they are not seriously capitalizing on all this at this time? Now we have two carrier fleets in a very confined area with 12 Soviet ships.

Not that Obama will ever ask my opinion; but, I would say to him. Mr. President; go before the world stage and say you’re sorry for being an idiot. We are coming home and if you guys want to blow yourselves up, so be it. Do whatever you want to do, but if you screw with Israel, then you answer to us. I think he needs to say something along those lines, then go play golf. Barry needs to call Bill, Jimmy, George or Madelyn Albright in and do so quickly. It is now patently obvious he is in way over his head and we are all going to pay a price for his being so ill qualified to be President of the United States.

This makes me wonder; who’s grandchild or child is going to save us this time around?