You won’t often here me get very excited about a candidate. I mostly shy away from publically endorsing most of the folks that run for office. I do have to throw two caveats in when I make that statement. The first being, yes, I endorse anyone running against Barack Obama or his clones. The second endorsement comes when I run across an incredible candidate that is the real deal. It just so happens my own home state of Texas has produced someone that I am very excited about.

The district of Texas 13 in the United States House is going to have a barn burner of a race. The incumbent is not actually a very bad fellow. But anyone that knows me or has followed my speeches, writings, radio show interviews, blogging etc.. Knows how I feel about making a career out of public service. Many of the problems we have in Washington, D.C…today are a direct result of politicians making a career out of working on Capitol Hill. Personally, I don’t know if it truly is the fact they drink the Potomac river water when they make their iced tea and coffee or if it is just that they lose touch with reality in the real world. At this point in time, it is irrelevant to me. We are in trouble in this great nation. We are in debt up to our eyebrows and our national security has  been weakened to a dangerous level. We have tens of thousands of very nefarious people walking our streets that simply walked across our borders. We have a very undesirable health-care plan that is going to end up destroying what is left of our already weakened economy. And this just the beginning of America’s ills at this point in time. We still have education, race issues, corporate issues regarding foreign trade, foreign policy issues in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. We have Agenda 21, Common Core and many other problems that it doesn’t seem as if anyone cares to address. And we still haven’t addressed one of our major problems, that being Immigration or the lack there of.

In one seat and in one state, I give you one person that can help and is ready to fight as if she were Mike Tyson fighting for a title belt. She is tough and she possesses those core conservative and Tea Party views that we like so much. She actually wants to build a fence before we start passing out EBT (tongue in cheek) cards and work permits. Imagine that, someone using their brain. I love it! She believes we should live within our means and believes we should be reducing government rather than growing government. Another A+ rating on that topic from me! She thinks parents should have control over their children’s education! Now that’s a novel approach-I LOVE IT! She also thinks that the United States with it’s Constitution should run the United States in lieu of the United Nations. Yahoo! Another gold star!

O.K. America and Tea Party faithful; I give you “Elaine Hays” of Amarillo, Texas

Elaine Hays

Elaine Hays

! Elaine is running against the Good Ole Boy network from the Potomac polluted Capitol Hill. She is smart, tough and is perfect on the issues. As I said, the incumbent Mac Thornberry is not a really bad fellow, but he has been there 20 years and is now part of the problem rather than the solution. He is NOT Tea Party and is not even really that conservative. He did vote many times for budget busting Continuing Resolutions including many sent up by our current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

This is the part where you come in. You often tell me you want to get involved and “how can I do that”? I am about to invite you to do just that~HELP! Go to Elaine Hays website (!home/mainPage)….  Read her positions on all the hot topics. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I am more than happy to answer them. I have visited many times with Elaine and she is officially Ken Crow approved.

Once you have read her website, fill out the volunteer form and get involved. NO, you do not have to live in the district. You can assist in being active by pushing her site on Facebook and Twitter. You can really help by donating a couple of bucks to the campaign. Keep in mind the establishment guy will be well funded by establishment money and Political Action Committees. Remember “THEY DON’T DONATE OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THEIR HEARTS“!

In closing; I am formally requesting from all of Tea Party patriots everywhere, please help this great lady win the primary. Get to work, donate and remember this. She is Texas tough, has that West Texas honor, Sarah Palin common sense, Ken Crow’s sense of humor and Michelle Bachmann’s sense of a fighting attitude. She is exactly what we need in Washington! Many thanks and God Bless to all my patriot friends!