Colin Powell is without question the epitome of a patriotic American success story. He worked his way through college, then joined the ROTC to become a U.S. Army officer. He served in Vietnam with distinction and dedicated 35 years in service to America as a soldier. He rose to the rank of 4 star General and became the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as an African American. After many more years of service he retired from government as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush. There is no question that this man loved America, loved serving America and did so with a skill and devotion that so many strive to achieve and usually fall short. He is a living legend that should be an incredible inspiration to millions of children across this land. So what happened?Gen. Colin Powell

Powell is or used to be a registered Republican. He served President Bush 41 as the Joint Chiefs Chairman during the first Gulf War and did so with brilliance. Between he and General Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf, there is zero question as to whether they pulled off one of the greatest military victories of all time. For months leading up to the Gulf War, all America heard from the main stream media was just how “elite” this so called Guard was that belonged to Saddam Hussein. We were all told how many thousands of troops we were going to lose to these elite fighters and how the sands of Iraq would run red with American blood. The history books now tell us, not only was the lame stream media wrong, they’re predictions were off by more than my GPS is in Washington, D.C. when I drive there.

With the grandest of resume’s and brilliant military service, somebody please tell me what has happened to one of our top “Best and Brightest” hero’s that we have ever known.

My first “Oh Crap” moment for Powell came when he actually came out and endorsed Barack Obama in 2012. Excuse me? This President had already wasted trillions of dollars, still had employment numbers in the sewer, had not shut down Guantanamo as promised and still had us in the Middle East with our boys being slaughtered. He was attacking the energy industry, seizing our health care industry and you know the rest of the story. Yet this venerated American hero and devoted conservative General/Secretary of State under a Republican President endorses what can only be described as a “Devout Socialist”?

The story of Republican treason doesn’t end there. The next time Powell makes headlines is when he comes down the media aisle with criticizing the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman verdict. His sarcastic claim of ” I saw that coming ” with a few barbs for the jurors did not rest well with me either.

Just when we see the dust settling on Colin Powell again, now this! What is this you say? General and American Hero Colin Powell has decided that it is a bad idea for the Republicans to be pushing Voter ID laws. He claims there will be a back lash from doing so. He claims that the African American and Hispanic voters might get upset. So? So flipping what General? Let’s parse this out for a moment. Gen. Colin Powell;

1. You were a Secretary of State for the United States of America.

2. You were Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

3. You were a 4 Star General in the United States Army.

4. You have held many of the highest ranking positions in Presidential Administrations and our Federal Government.

This next part is for the General, but you may read it if you like.

Dear General Powell; Once upon a time you took an oath to America. Remember? I know you do, for it is something that no veteran ever forgets. That oath doesn’t have an expiration date attached to it. That oath is to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

General; The Constitution is fairly clear as is our voting laws in America. To vote; one must be 18 years of age and the second part is, one must be a United States citizen. In other words in plain English. One cannot be from Hong Kong or Mexico City and vote in American elections.

With all of the evidence, rumors and more evidence of voter fraud in this past election, why would you want to deny States their Constitutional Right to protect their voting integrity within their state? This is beyond comprehension for me. To further argue this point, what is a former Secretary of State doing commenting on a localized crime in Florida? Why is a Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joints of Staff commenting on our American electoral process? This would be akin to Hillary Clinton or Condi commenting on a bar room brawl where one drunk stabs another drunk in a back alley in Fort Worth. Since when did our highest appointed or elected officials begin commenting on local crimes? Does anyone ever remember Reagan doing this? Even Carter stays silent on localized cases. Even Clinton didn’t get involved when Al Sharpton began his race hustling career over the Tawana Brawley debacle on Long Island.

Mr. Secretary; You are above this sort of thing. My advice to you is this. Unless you want to be forever known as a racist hustler; stay away from these topics. You’re already on shaky ground with the Zimmerman comments, do not sully your incredible reputation as an American Hero and Statesman.

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