From the earliest day’s of Barack Obama’s campaign back in 2007-08, he chastised George W. Bush on his handling of the Middle East. The soon to be President verbally slapped Bush and the Republicans at every opportunity on the subject of their handling of Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and let’s not forget oil. He sent liberal verbal barrages almost daily at the former president and all but accused him of entering a war to profiteer off of oil in Iraq. Five years later, let’s take a glimpse of where America stands in Middle East. Remember Obama’s rhetoric. If I am elected President, our boys and girls are coming home and I am closing Guantanamo Bay! VIVA HOPE & CHANGE!

Today the current estimates of our troop involvement stands somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000. Yes a far cry from the one time American involvement of over 100,000 in Iraq 5 plus years ago. However, nowhere near zero where Obama claimed we would be some 5 years ago after he was sworn in. Don’t forget the thousands of lives that have been lost under the Obama regime. With that said, let’s take a look at our current situation in the Middle East.

Libya has fallen under Obama’s watch to the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood. This now means that the Brotherhood has their hands on vast oil reserves. I have included a Wikipedia link below so that you can research for yourself about the Brotherhood. In short this is the background on the Muslim Brotherhood. They were formed in 1928. They gave birth to Hamas (deadly terrorist organization), Hezbollah (another deadly terrorist organization) and Al Qaeda (enough said). They not only gave birth to these organizations, but they also assist in arming them for war and funding their activities. Keep in mind, this is the same organization that our President Barack Obama is donating billions too and sending F-16’s and tanks to Egypt for. Only recently did he decide to maybe hold up on the second shipment of the very deadly F-16 fighter jets.

Also collapsing in the past two years under Obama to the Brotherhood has been; Tunisia, Bahrain, Morocco, Lebanon and now it’s been twice for Egypt. Full blown overthrows were barely stopped in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In all these instances, the Brotherhood is behind the take overs. I have included a link to a YouTube clip of Robert Gibbs (then White House Press Secretary). This clip is from January 28th, 2011, only a couple of days after the first uprising in Cairo began. And yes, he is supporting the Brotherhood in the clip. The uprising began on January 25th. At the time the White House was denying knowing who was behind the protest and Gibbs would only say that they were supporting the “students“.  The clips from his press briefing of the 26th and 27th have been scrubbed. I remember vividly asking myself;  how he could stand and say they were supporting students when in the same breath he would say, “we don’t know who” is behind these protest?

Barely a day later, the President comes out and says; he is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in their quest for free and fair elections in Egypt. Why? Why in the name of all that is good would an American President support a group that funds and arms our enemies? Why would an American President undermine a 30 year ally of Israel and America? Hosni Mubarak might not have been the nicest guy in the world, BUT. He did adhere to the peace accords laid down during the Carter administration between Egypt and Israel. He did keep the Suez Canal open and supplies, oil and food could flow freely to Europe. He did keep peace in the region. For America’s interest; he wasn’t that bad of fellow.

Whether Obama knows what he is doing is up for question. At this point in time, it has become irrelevant. The facts are this. Syria is blowing up and falling to Al Qaeda. Egypt is being held together only by a military that has the wisdom to not allow a religious freak to seize control of such a vital nation. The rest of the nations are gone and their is even unrest now appearing in Saudi Arabia against the Royal family.

After all of the evidence, I simply ask this one question. Directed at the Middle East; How is that Hope and Change working out for you now?   Robert Gibbs at White House Press Conference

The following is a CBS News article dated August 20, 2013 in Al Qaeda about to seize Syria because of Obama’s weakness.

The birth of the Arab Spring;

Origins of the Muslim Brotherhood;