The Accidental Congressman

If anything was going to motivate Kerry Bentivolio to run for Congress, it would be his treatment from the VA Hospital system.

Remember The Blue Dress

Start the emails to your Congressmen and Senators America. This President needs our support and he needs it fast. 

America is Reaping What We Have Sowed

Our youth in this nation no longer fear their parents and no longer fear their teachers or principle. They no longer have any respect for authority at any level. How are we to expect them not to do or carry out their juvenile desires, no matter how warped they are?

Just In Case You’re A Non-Believer

In his short 3-year ministry, his actions, statements, and teachings transformed the entire earth and are still changing people's lives over 2000-years later. 

Is the Holy Bible Actually the Word of God

They will have “strong delusion” (2 Thessalonians 2:11) to do as they feel, accepting homosexuality as normal, and silencing and hating Christianity (Matthew 24:9) to feel guiltless of their sin.


Support Congressman Bentivolio

Support Congressman Bentivolio

Battle Tested

Learn more about Congressman Bentivolio at

Ken Crow Exposes Both the Good and the Bad about America’s Grassroots Tea Party

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Hottest Selling Book in America

Make Life Simple

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